How Much Data Does 1 Facetime Call Uses When Made Through Cellular Data Plan

FaceTime, the great video calling application provided by Apple Inc. to the IOS users, is something each apple user is very proud of. Not only because it is free and user friendly, but also because its interface is simple, minimal and very well understandable.

Apple users consider themselves very lucky, as this application, i.e, the FaceTime, not only comes pre-installed and loaded in the apple products, whether it is a iPhone, macbook, iPad or any apple device, but is very simple and easy to use.

It indeed is true that it is an excellent video and even audio calling application.

Apple products provide this ease of calling your near and dear ones with an IOS device, with just a few clicks and an apple ID, through this application or software.

Data used in a FaceTime call

Nothing is completely free in this world, and so is a video call.

Well, this applies for FaceTime only when it comes to using cellular internet pack for calling.

It is true that video calling in apple products using facetime for android is absolutely free.

The catch is that it is free from data usage over WiFi, but, will definitely cost you some data when used over cellular internet data plan.

It is said that about 5 minutes of video call through FaceTime can cost you about 15MB of data.

How to check and know data usage of 1 FaceTime call

To check data usage of 1 FaceTime call, one needs to apply the following process-

  1. Firstly, the user has to open the Facetime application on their apple device
  2. Then, the user has to tap finger either on video or audio button which is given at the top, to see the calls done
  3. Then to know the data usage of an individual call, the user has to tap on the ‘info’ symbol, right next to the name of that caller


This in turn will show the user the data usage of every FaceTime call made.

Can this be true-FaceTime for android?

If given a great thought, can the well suited piece for video-calling provided by Apple Inc. in only Apple devices, The FaceTime, be used by other OS users as well, so that they get the extreme pleasure of having to see their near and dear ones not living in the close physical proximity through this great application?

“Why not?”

After all, technology can take you to the moon and back, then why not this little wish of non-Apple users!

FaceTime is FaceTime, lets face it! If Apple open doors to all third party developers, providing creation of FaceTime compatible programs, then ‘Android’ might just get lucky!

This easy, stable and efficient video-calling application is a boon for the Apple users who are unaware of Skype only because they have a very good reason to be okay about being unaware of it, The FaceTime.

With the help of additional software, OS and processor requirements, Android users can now come in league with Apple users.

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