Solution For Dns Server Not Responding

Are you among the one facing the common issue of “dns server not responding” error while you are trying to connect to the network? Before going to the solution part, it is important to know the basics of DNS. Domain Name System is a service that is used to translate domain names into their corresponding IP addresses. The reasons behind this error are as follows.

  • Corrupted DNS service.
  • Problem with router or modem.

If you are so sure that your computer works fine, then the problem must lie in any of the above mentioned factors.

Solution 1

  • In Network and sharing Center, go to change adapter settings and click on Properties.
  • Double click IPv4.
  • Check “use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the address of any open DNS that can be found.
  • Check on Validate Settings upon exit and click OK.
  • Open cmd and type IPCONFIG/ALL.
  • Open run and type NCPA.CPL.
  • Go back to network adapter properties and find for Network Address.
  • Click on value and type the physical address that is seen in the cmd window.
  • Click OK and then restart the computer.


Solution 2

Try disabling Netbios as it also helps in solving the dns server not responding issue.

  • Go to Network and sharing center-> Change Adapter settings.
  • Double click IPv4.
  • Click on Advanced Tab.
  • Check disable NetBios over TCP/IP.
  • Click OK.

Solution 3

Try flushing and resetting the DNS settings.

  • Open cmd and type ipconfig/flushdns.
  • Type ipconfig/registerdns.
  • Type ipconfig/release.
  • Type ipconfig/renew.
  • Type netsh winsock reset.

Restart the computer and check whether the issue is solved.

Solution 4

Reinstall the entire operating system. By doing so it may erase all the corrupted files and new files are installed.


Solution 5

If no solution gets you past the dns server not responding error, it is time to call your ISP provider and resolve the issue.


Watch Movies On Your Android With Moviebox

Online streaming is much popular than any other forms of entertainment right now. With all the busy schedules today’s citizens have, who has the time to get tied to a television and watch their favorite shows on a predefined time? Instead, people go for streaming services online and just download their favorite TV shows and movies right when they feel like it. However, there’s a drawback though – most online streaming services aren’t free for mass people. Netflix and Hulu are very popular across the world, but they incur monthly subscription cost. For a moderate plan, $30/month would be charged and this goes up with the additional features in the subscription.

Moviebox for Android can quench the thirst for movie-worms in a much handier way. It’s a streaming service mostly based for the smartphones and tablets, it’s available on Android and iOS on their respective app stores. The app might still incur some charge but for the most part, it’s free.


Moviebox as an Alternate to Regular Streaming Services

Android is an open source platform and most of the advantages offered on Android are mostly free. Moviebox being a free streaming service, there are few disadvantages a hardcore TV show and movie fan would have. The first one being the inability to directly stream the media contents on a larger screen like LED TV or computer screen is probably the most significant. Netflix, Hulu etc. are available on smart televisions these days as a standard feature, and boxes like Apple TV offer a more premium range of features.

However, they do cost more. For instance, an Apple TV alone costs more than $300 as an initial setup cost, and the subscription plans would incur a fixed amount every month. Unless a subscriber is based on the supported regions for Apple TV, the benefits might not appear as useful as it sounds to be. Also, not every local content might be available on these servers as well. After spending a good amount setting up a streaming service, who would like to face all these disappointments?

Moviebox on the other side, suppresses all the sighs some audience of TV shows and movies might have. Being a free app, even the lack of cross-platform support won’t seem much like an issue. The collection offers a good range of TV shows, documentaries, movies and other media contents. Different formats like mp4, mp4, flv, mkv etc. are supported on most Android devices through the standard codecs included in Android, and there are plenty more apps in the Google Play Store for the codec support.


How to Install Moviebox for Android

Moviebox is available for iOS and Android, however Android users get the advantage of direct installation from the Google Play Store. iOS users would need a jailbroken device to enjoy this streaming service.

  • On your Android device, open Google Play Store and search for Moviebox. The first result should bring the appropriate app. Otherwise, you could also get there by clicking this link.
  • Download and installation should take some moments. After it is done, complete initial formalities like signing up for the service, and you should be done.
  • Enjoy free media content download and streaming!


Moviebox for Android provides a great way to stream media contents directly to a smartphone. People who travel a lot would find this app useful, also the ones who prefer their smartphone for media consumption are at benefit here.


Beginner’s Guide To Video Marketing

How a Beginner Can be Successful in Video Marketing!

Video marketing is trending now as a successful marketing campaign trick. If a photo could speak thousand words, then a video certainly speaks a zillion. And using this enormous power to spread a message through a moving picture message, success in business could be achieved. iStock has conducted a research amongst the regular internet users to figure out the average time a netizen spends on video contents in present days, and the result was a whopping big amount of 88% users. To acquire success in online marketing, video content creation and distribution is the key these days.

Client’s Feedback and Testimonials on Video

Apparently, every product and service claim to have provided the best service to their customers on their websites. Pretty much any website you go to, you will notice few quoted feedbacks and customer endorsement for the business. However, in online world it is very easy to produce fake evidence, a line of text doesn’t even count as a true evidence until you know the exact source they have come from. A video testimonial can change the whole scenario though, imagine a customer speaking out for your products on your website and the potential customers get to know about a real buyer’s hands-on experience about your products, or services.


Get your Video Contents Online with Popular Hosts

Hosting video online has become easier than ever. YouTube and other video based social networking websites have played a vital role, even the web hosting servers these days are much capable of uploading high quality yet low size videos on their servers, and these companies provide higher than the regular bandwidth for video content serving to the visitors. The whole online marketing scenario has gotten better like no time before. A branded video could excite a particular customer base in the shortest possible time, and this means effective and instant business.

Provide Insight of your Company through Videos

Make sure the video contents you put online are passing the right message through. Your products and services must be reflected in a unique manner. Depending on what society you live in, the contents can change. Catch the trending vibe with the targeted customer base, and make sure the videos you create are able to communicate with the consumer base.

Optimize Videos for Search

Like every other content on internet, videos need to be SEO optimized as well. This way, when specific keywords are sought in Google search, the video would show up in the results list. The better optimization there is, more the chances are that the video will show up in the first page and get a higher amount of views.


Engage a Company to Manage your Videos

Managing video contents is time consuming. However, they don’t necessarily have to be managed by yourself, because plenty of content creator and distribution companies are now available to happily do the job for you. Not just full length videos, even vines and virals are very effective as well. Companies like would be able to help you with the job, websites that embed videos hosted on YouTube would receive the highest amount of benefit because this service works on YouTube videos.


Video could change the way online marketing happens these days. Working with videos can be sketchy, but when done right it is the best online marketing method ever existed.


Play Like A Pro, With These Fallout Shelter Tips!

If you are reading this article, then you already must be a Fallout Shelter lover. However, what you must not be is a Fallout Shelter expert. Fallout Shelter, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, presents a futuristic concept and allows the gamers to develop an underground colony, safe from the harms of the nuclear explosion.

So, to help you improve the life-quality, efficiency and defence of your people against Raiders, learn from the following Fallout Shelter tips!

Firstly, this may be a game, but if you wish to play it properly, make sure that you have a motive and designfor developing your vault. As you progress through the game, it advice’s you on the right placement of the rooms, that is, constructing two rooms beside each other, can lead them to linking up, and have more potential. In case such rooms don’t link up, make sure that they are promoted to the same level. Upgrading the rooms further enhances performance, storage and output. It’s rather important to improve the quality of the rooms than adding to their number, as building more rooms requires even more electricity production.

Furthermore, letting the inhabitants into the right rooms, with the right kind of inhabitants is important. Make sure that their traits match with each other and with the attributes of the room. This enhances output and keeps them happy. To know their attributes, tap on the dweller and to know the characteristics of the room, zoom-in the room.

Gradually in the game you’ll have access to different weapons and outfits. Equip your dwellers properly to enhance their skills while out exploring and against Raiders and Rad roaches. These special skills are prominent when the uniform is put on according to its requirement in a particular room.

Sending the dwellers to explore is also important as it lets them find items, gaining XP and caps. Appropriate the outfit and higher the endurance of the dweller, more is their productivity and happiness. Happiness of the dwellers make you entitled to the Happiness Bonus.

Make sure you allow frequent explorations and call the explorers in proper intervals to prevent them from dying.

In case a dweller loses their life in a fight, accident or during exploration, you can revive them by spending caps. This may be wise only when you wish to resurrect a dweller with valuable skills.


You can upgrade the vault doors to strengthen them against Raiders, by sparing 500 caps. But use caps wisely. Keep the vision of the colony in mind, to avoid future-troubles.

See that your colony is constantly blooming and not getting overpopulated! Overpopulation leads to waste of precious resources. Your colony can be expanded by accepting random people who find their way to your door; by allowing your dwellers, by putting them in the right rooms, to make a baby or by building radio stations to spread the word about your colony among the people roaming about.

Achieving and fulfilling objectives lets you get free caps and lunchboxes, full of resources. In case you don’t want the resources, you can even sell them!


Hairs are the most important thing for most of the boys. Be it the messy-just-out-of-the-bed look or the nerd-yet-I-am-cool look, boys are known to be very possessive of their hairstyles. There are hundreds of hairstyles for girls but what about the boys? It may come as a surprise to many but there are many hairstyles for men also. Pompadour is one of the most trending hairstyles nowadays. The hairstyle was originally for girls and was named after Madame de Pompadour. But one extremely hot gentlemen, also known as Elvis Persley made a history by rocking the Pompadour look. Today, be it celebrities or businessmen, be it students or hipsters, everyone is going for this particular hairstyle.

David Beckham, Zayn Malik, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron and Justin Bieber are few H-town hunks who have rocked this in-trend hairstyle. The hairstyle was originated a long time ago and has always been in and out of the trend. Currently, it is very much in trend and has gained attention worldwide. It seems as if everyone is going for the Pompadour look. The hairstyle has its own different versions. Crazy, right?


The classic pompadour is where hairs are swept upwards and backwards along with short sides. With time, however, the look has grown to be more versatile. There are now many versions of this classic look. One of the most famous version being the Angular look, also known as extreme and modern look. Under this version, your side and back hair are shaved to be extremely short and all the hairs are swept in a more elegant way. Your hairs look much more voluminous.

The hairstyle makes you look sexy as hell and can be done in any way you wish to. The only condition is that your hairs should be swept backwards. Now, you can sweep them in a messy way or a more sophisticated way. The best part of this hairstyle is that it suits almost everyone. However, the hairstyle requires high maintenance. You need to style your hair on a daily basis but then, the end result is enough to make girls fight over you.


The girls out there, however, need not to worry. The style was originally for girls and still many girls continue to rock the look. The men may be using this look but girls are nowhere behind. Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johannson, and Angelina Jolie are few H-town hotties who have sported and rocked this look. We know these hotties can rock any look but Pompadour do suit them well…extremely well. Unlike other areas, pompadour is one hairstyle which believes in equality. Both men and women have worn this look for years now.

The hairstyle has a very long history and it has supported many. It is one of the key hairstyles for boys. Boys are causing some serious heart issues amongst the girls. Hairdressers sure are having regular field days with them being so much in demand. Who would have thought, that salons and hairdressers who were seen more as a girly thing are now been used more by the hunks than the hotties? But then, who are we to stop them? They have the whole right to have some fun.