Play Like A Pro, With These Fallout Shelter Tips!

If you are reading this article, then you already must be a Fallout Shelter lover. However, what you must not be is a Fallout Shelter expert. Fallout Shelter, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, presents a futuristic concept and allows the gamers to develop an underground colony, safe from the harms of the nuclear explosion.

So, to help you improve the life-quality, efficiency and defence of your people against Raiders, learn from the following Fallout Shelter tips!

Firstly, this may be a game, but if you wish to play it properly, make sure that you have a motive and designfor developing your vault. As you progress through the game, it advice’s you on the right placement of the rooms, that is, constructing two rooms beside each other, can lead them to linking up, and have more potential. In case such rooms don’t link up, make sure that they are promoted to the same level. Upgrading the rooms further enhances performance, storage and output. It’s rather important to improve the quality of the rooms than adding to their number, as building more rooms requires even more electricity production.

Furthermore, letting the inhabitants into the right rooms, with the right kind of inhabitants is important. Make sure that their traits match with each other and with the attributes of the room. This enhances output and keeps them happy. To know their attributes, tap on the dweller and to know the characteristics of the room, zoom-in the room.

Gradually in the game you’ll have access to different weapons and outfits. Equip your dwellers properly to enhance their skills while out exploring and against Raiders and Rad roaches. These special skills are prominent when the uniform is put on according to its requirement in a particular room.

Sending the dwellers to explore is also important as it lets them find items, gaining XP and caps. Appropriate the outfit and higher the endurance of the dweller, more is their productivity and happiness. Happiness of the dwellers make you entitled to the Happiness Bonus.

Make sure you allow frequent explorations and call the explorers in proper intervals to prevent them from dying.

In case a dweller loses their life in a fight, accident or during exploration, you can revive them by spending caps. This may be wise only when you wish to resurrect a dweller with valuable skills.


You can upgrade the vault doors to strengthen them against Raiders, by sparing 500 caps. But use caps wisely. Keep the vision of the colony in mind, to avoid future-troubles.

See that your colony is constantly blooming and not getting overpopulated! Overpopulation leads to waste of precious resources. Your colony can be expanded by accepting random people who find their way to your door; by allowing your dwellers, by putting them in the right rooms, to make a baby or by building radio stations to spread the word about your colony among the people roaming about.

Achieving and fulfilling objectives lets you get free caps and lunchboxes, full of resources. In case you don’t want the resources, you can even sell them!

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