Solution For Dns Server Not Responding

Are you among the one facing the common issue of “dns server not responding” error while you are trying to connect to the network? Before going to the solution part, it is important to know the basics of DNS. Domain Name System is a service that is used to translate domain names into their corresponding IP addresses. The reasons behind this error are as follows.

  • Corrupted DNS service.
  • Problem with router or modem.

If you are so sure that your computer works fine, then the problem must lie in any of the above mentioned factors.

Solution 1

  • In Network and sharing Center, go to change adapter settings and click on Properties.
  • Double click IPv4.
  • Check “use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the address of any open DNS that can be found.
  • Check on Validate Settings upon exit and click OK.
  • Open cmd and type IPCONFIG/ALL.
  • Open run and type NCPA.CPL.
  • Go back to network adapter properties and find for Network Address.
  • Click on value and type the physical address that is seen in the cmd window.
  • Click OK and then restart the computer.


Solution 2

Try disabling Netbios as it also helps in solving the dns server not responding issue.

  • Go to Network and sharing center-> Change Adapter settings.
  • Double click IPv4.
  • Click on Advanced Tab.
  • Check disable NetBios over TCP/IP.
  • Click OK.

Solution 3

Try flushing and resetting the DNS settings.

  • Open cmd and type ipconfig/flushdns.
  • Type ipconfig/registerdns.
  • Type ipconfig/release.
  • Type ipconfig/renew.
  • Type netsh winsock reset.

Restart the computer and check whether the issue is solved.

Solution 4

Reinstall the entire operating system. By doing so it may erase all the corrupted files and new files are installed.


Solution 5

If no solution gets you past the dns server not responding error, it is time to call your ISP provider and resolve the issue.

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