Watch Movies On Your Android With Moviebox

Online streaming is much popular than any other forms of entertainment right now. With all the busy schedules today’s citizens have, who has the time to get tied to a television and watch their favorite shows on a predefined time? Instead, people go for streaming services online and just download their favorite TV shows and movies right when they feel like it. However, there’s a drawback though – most online streaming services aren’t free for mass people. Netflix and Hulu are very popular across the world, but they incur monthly subscription cost. For a moderate plan, $30/month would be charged and this goes up with the additional features in the subscription.

Moviebox for Android can quench the thirst for movie-worms in a much handier way. It’s a streaming service mostly based for the smartphones and tablets, it’s available on Android and iOS on their respective app stores. The app might still incur some charge but for the most part, it’s free.


Moviebox as an Alternate to Regular Streaming Services

Android is an open source platform and most of the advantages offered on Android are mostly free. Moviebox being a free streaming service, there are few disadvantages a hardcore TV show and movie fan would have. The first one being the inability to directly stream the media contents on a larger screen like LED TV or computer screen is probably the most significant. Netflix, Hulu etc. are available on smart televisions these days as a standard feature, and boxes like Apple TV offer a more premium range of features.

However, they do cost more. For instance, an Apple TV alone costs more than $300 as an initial setup cost, and the subscription plans would incur a fixed amount every month. Unless a subscriber is based on the supported regions for Apple TV, the benefits might not appear as useful as it sounds to be. Also, not every local content might be available on these servers as well. After spending a good amount setting up a streaming service, who would like to face all these disappointments?

Moviebox on the other side, suppresses all the sighs some audience of TV shows and movies might have. Being a free app, even the lack of cross-platform support won’t seem much like an issue. The collection offers a good range of TV shows, documentaries, movies and other media contents. Different formats like mp4, mp4, flv, mkv etc. are supported on most Android devices through the standard codecs included in Android, and there are plenty more apps in the Google Play Store for the codec support.


How to Install Moviebox for Android

Moviebox is available for iOS and Android, however Android users get the advantage of direct installation from the Google Play Store. iOS users would need a jailbroken device to enjoy this streaming service.

  • On your Android device, open Google Play Store and search for Moviebox. The first result should bring the appropriate app. Otherwise, you could also get there by clicking this link.
  • Download and installation should take some moments. After it is done, complete initial formalities like signing up for the service, and you should be done.
  • Enjoy free media content download and streaming!


Moviebox for Android provides a great way to stream media contents directly to a smartphone. People who travel a lot would find this app useful, also the ones who prefer their smartphone for media consumption are at benefit here.

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