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Yoga For Beginners-Benefits And Basics

Yoga is a method for attaining discipline of the mind and body. This practice originated from India. Yoga keeps the body supple and helps with a number of physical and mental problems. Usually, it is thought to be physical exercise for strengthening of limbs and increase flexibility. But it is in fact more than that. It is believed that one can unlock their true potential by unlocking the seven chakras or energy nodes in their bodies.

Meditation is practiced for conditioning our mind and, several asanas or positions are practiced to stimulate our chakras and cure illness.


At the end, of the day most of us come home very stressed. This has an ill impact on our bodies as stressing affects our sleep and may bring on insomnia. There will be a constant state of restlessness and fatigue brought on due to the lack of sleep, which affects our mood and behavior. This affects our overall performance. Of course, speaking realistically we cannot totally avoid stress. But what we can do is make sure we get our 8 hours beauty sleep. Meditation is a method which helps control our mind and release stress. This is the best method to relax our mind. Meditation achieves absolute calming of the mind from the constant thinking. See the benefits yourself after sparing a few minutes of your time. Here are a few techniques of meditation for beginners. Don’t worry if you are unable to keep your mind from wandering. Just try to focus.

Breath awareness:

This is an excellent meditation techniques for beginners. This method is best done early in the morning when the environment is quiet.

Step 1:Sit in a comfortable position, if possible sit cross-legged.This cross legged position is called the lotus position.You can also lie on your back with both your hands on your chest or your sides.

Step 2:Take a deep breath. Notice how your body moves when you breathe. Notice how your diaphragm moves up, and how your chest and stomach expands. Focus on how the air you breathed in travels down your wind pipe.

Step 3:Focus on your body movements and breathing and in time after regular practice, your excessive thought activity will decrease.

The 1:2 breathing:

This technique involves the length of exhalation to be twice of the length of inhalation.

Step 1:Sit in a comfortable position or lie on your back with both your hands on your sides, palms facing downwards.

Step 2: First, take in a deep breath and exhale, continue this process for a while. Inhale and exhale.

Step 3:Now, slowly start increasing the length of your exhalation. Make sure each time that the time taken to exhale should be longer than the time taken to inhale.

Step 4:Regular practice will achieve sound sleep and anxiety control.

Chant while you breathe:

This is a good method to start your day. Chanting the word Om will improve one’s concentration and keep you filled with positive energy.

Step 1:Go to the quietest corner or place in your environment, preferably close to nature.

Step 2:Close your eyes and take a deep breath noticing your body movements during inhalation. Do this 3 times at least.

Step 3:Next, take a deep breath and during exhalation chant Om. The word should be dragged out during the entire duration of exhaling.


Asanas are certain positions or postures performed to gain total control of the body. The rule of the thumb while practicing asanas is that, the movement should be comfortable and steady. The most popular and basic set of asana is the ‘Surya namaskar’.  These words are in Sanskrit, ‘surya’ means sun and ‘namaskar’ means salutation. The surya namaskar incorporates pranayama or a set of controlled inhalation and exhalation into the set of asanas.



As you can see there are totally 12 asanas or positions for completion of one cycle. For certain positions you need to perform either exhalation of inhalation. These asanas should be performed on empty stomach either under the morning or evening sun.

Benefits: 1. Improves circulation of the blood.

  1. Refreshes the mind and body especially if done at sunrise.
  2. Strengthens our cardiovascular muscles and helps in weight loss.

There are many asanas meant to improve specific parts of your body. Yoga practitioners tend to be healthy and remain disease-free even at old age. Try some basic meditation or asanas and see for yourself how much your health improves.

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