How To Set Up Your Electronic Picture Frame

If you want a simple and easy way to display your photos in one frame, then purchasing an electric photo frame is the choice to make. You’ll be able to reap a lot of benefits from it, and not just because it’s a nice piece to add for that modern touch! With an electric photo frame, you’ll save a lot of money, time, and effort trying to print and organize your photos into multiple frames. Plus, with having one frame to put in your home, you save space so you’ll be able to display other types of furniture as well!

Technology has indeed made everything much easier with these types of frames in different designs and features. But the problem is, many people aren’t that tech savvy at all. It makes it difficult for them to use gadgets, and working with electric photo frames can get complicated.


But this isn’t a problem, as there are instruction manuals that come with the package, you’ll be able to get advice from other people or on the internet. Here is a simplified way on how to use your electric photo frame for your home or office:

  1. Choose the media you would like to save into your electronic photo frame. What’s great about this is that you’re able to choose from photos, videos, and even music and sound effects! Choose all you want, so long as it fits in your memory card. Make sure that the media is in proper format, which is usually JPG for photos, MP4 for videos, and MP3 for sounds.
  2. Save all these chosen media into your memory card or USB.
  3. Plug your memory card or USB into your electronic photo frame. Depending on the frame you purchase, you may even be able to get one that can connect to your wifi network and have you adding photos via wireless connectivity! You’ll be able to save and delete media from your frame, so no worries.
  4. Now that all your chosen media is saved into your frame, you are able to customize it! Choose the order of how the media will be played, along with how long it will be playing, when the transition will be, and set up your music to play along with it. If an instruction manual is included, you can base the options from there. It’s easy to pick up!


This is the universal and simple way as to how you can start using your electronic picture frame. Very simple and easy to do, you will now be able to start using your frame and display it for everyone to be impressed with! If you are still having problems with setting it up, then you will be able to base it off the instruction manual given. If not, then there are many articles online that can help you with your problems.

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