First Ever Appearance Of The Manga Comics

In Japan, the term manga is the word used to define to any comic made and published in Japan. Manga has been gaining popularity in English also and that too quite fast. Manga has just became more popular and loved over the time, thereby constituting an important part and parcel of the Japanese society & culture.


History :

As per time, the first ever appearance of the manga comics can be linked back to even 17th or 18th century, however it was not until 20th century that manga started gaining popularity, then gradually transformed into the form of art which we appreciate and cherish today.
Somewhere in the late 1900’s came a single man, whose name was Tezuka Osamu and he is often  regarded as the so called Walt Disney of Japan. Osamu was the person who created much lengthier manga works as compared to the traditional works till then, reaching at about 180 pages,  similar to that of the manga which are published till date. In that era, akahon were required for somewhat little amount of content which was being published for entertainment of kids at that time, but following Tezuka Osamu’s manga release, many more of them were created many were in pipeline and many were sold.


Current scenario & series :

Most of us must have heard about “RELife” series which is one much appreciated manga ongoing Japanese drama based on the manga series which is written and illustrated by the artist named “Yayoiso”. This heart robbing series is published by “NHN Play-Art” since October 12, 2013 and it also has 5 volumes containing the compilation of the chapters which were developed sequentially by the company “Earth Star Entertainment”. Many successful manga series have their very own animated versions also, which is next step for any manga series which has been a huge hit. We are sure that these manga creations will continue to amaze and entertain people.

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