Is Carrageenan Safe: Knowing The Answer To The Question

Today, more and more people are consuming unhealthy food, making their own health at risk. There are even people who are practicing inactive lifestyle, making their life even shorter and shorter. This is the main reason why countless of people in the world are dying every single day. One concern of a number of people today has something to do with Carrageenan.

What Really Is Carrageenan?

For those who do not have any idea, Carrageenan is a kind of food additive that is present in numerous processed products these days. It is actually widely utilized as a stabilizer of thickener of the processed food products such as coconut milk and almond milk. This is a linear sulphated polysaccharides that is taken from the extracts of edible red seaweeds. Carrageenan has been used for so many years now due to its gelling properties. There are 3 kinds of Carrageenan that are widely used today, and they are the following:


  • Kappa-Carrageenan – This kind of Carrageenan has only a single sulphate group in every disaccharide.
  • Iota-Carrageenan – The second type of Carrageenan is the Iota-Carrageenan. Unlike the Kappa-Carrageenan, this one has dual sulphates in every disaccharide.
  • Lambda Carrageenan – The third and the last kind of Carrageenan is none other than Lambda Carrageenan, which has triple sulphates in every disaccharide.

The Common Uses of Carrageenan

The truth is, Carrageenan is a very important components in a number of things that are needed by the entire human race. Even so, there are two common things where it is widely used. Without this, these things would be nothing. Here are these two common uses of Carrageenan:

  • Food Additive – This is the most common use of Carrageenan that a lot of people know for sure. This is extremely helpful in binding food materials that are then processed and sold in the market. Not only that, Carrageenan is also a popular food thickening agent used by a number of manufacturers nowadays. It is even useful in stabilizing food related products and health related items such as toothpaste.


  • Conventional Medicine – Do you also know that Carrageenan is also being used as a conventional medicine in treating common illnesses? Good examples of these common diseases are cough and intestine related issues. This is extremely effective in lessening the swelling and pain felt by a certain person because of the illnesses he or she is currently having. Furthermore, the acid form of the Carrageenan is very good in treating peptic ulcer, and it is also being used by many as a bulk laxative.

So, if you are asking the same question with some other people that goes, is Carrageenan safe? Well, the answer is a big yes. You just have to know the right dosage that you should consume daily.

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