Download Top 3 Games On Ios

Apple has introduced the iOS operating system with their first iPhone, which came without an App Store. Later on, when the App Store concept was introduced through the latter iPhones in the earlier generations, the games started filling in and people realized how the iPhones could act as a great gaming device. Ever since, there had been no looking back. Developers had worked on creating great games for the iOS platform, and many of them are actually free. You can Descargar juego through the App Store, and we have sorted out three categories among them.

  • Best Racing Game

Real Racing by EA Games get the best racing game title by enormous number of iOS users. This game comes for free. The gameplay offers an almost real like driving experience through a racing track, and the graphics output is truly on the highest end especially if you are playing the game on a very latest iPhone e.g. the iPhone 6s or iPhone SE. There are different modes – time shift multiplayer, time trials and a standard racing.


  • Best Trivia Game

Trivia games on any platform are basically very addictive, and iOS trivia games take the addiction to a different level by incorporating great graphics and gameplay experience into great gaming ideas. However, the game Trivia Crack is now considered the best trivia game in iOS platform. You play the game among Facebook friends or the AI picked random opponents and talk on topics that’s picked on the round wheel with 7 different colors.

  • Best Sports Game

If you had been voting for FIFA in your mind, then you might get disappointed – because the most popular sports game in the iOS platform is NBA 2k15. Basketball fans would surely love playing NBA 2k15 with their favorite basketball star, though this game isn’t free. Yet, the experience is priceless!



These are only three categories while there are plenty more available; do let us know which category is your most favorite.

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