Play Your Favorite Game Impressively!

Niantic this time has come with the game that is really going to take your heart away. This game has become the latest rage among the game the lovers community from across the globe. This is a location-based game which rests itself on the augmented reality feature. Meant for the ios and android platforms, this game has emerged to be the most loved game of all that are present.

As compared to the previously played versions, the new game has got many features which were absent in the previous ones. This short guide intends to reveal certain strategies and effective pokemon go tips which can make the game a great fun thing for you.


Check the devices that you are downloading it on!

Make sure that your device has the right kind of configuration which is meant to play the game. GPS feature has to be faultless one and the internet connectivity should be uninterrupted. For the Android users the version has to be 4.3 or above that and for ios, iphone 5 and the models afterwards are perfect. These were the technicalities which one must have in order to play it in an efficient way.

Go comfortable!

This game needs to be played only when you are at your best comfort level as you are required to walk swiftly so ensure that you are a good pair of comfortable shoes. You may to walk miles in a single day in order to search the pokemon who may be some other place nearby you. In case you are trying to get the eggs hatched then you have to walk in a straight line.


To reach up to higher levels!

In case you are willing to walk to higher levels then ensure that you are focusing on common pokemons such as – weedle and pidgey. You need to be social while playing this game, although it does not have social features, yet you need to ask your trainers about the locations of pokemons if you do not find them near you.

Check out the communities on the social media platforms

The pokemon gamers on the social media platforms can help you out with the tips they have and you can also share your gaming strategies with them. You can also share the leads with the other players on these social communities. So overall this game has got everything that you wish to have to spend your wonderful time.

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