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Blenders- Protein Shakes And Smoothies

It’s so hot nowadays that we always need to brew some cold shake or a milk shake that will help us keep to keep the heat away or cool off. What a big utility tool the blender in right during these times?  We even whip up our protein shakes and smoothies just before hitting the gym. It’s one of the useful tools in the kitchen and is also is one of the most used. What do you make a perfect cake batter with? You know what I mean right?

I personally can’t live without a blender and these devices can be of various types. One is top covered blender in which you can put your sliced fruits and other ingredients and the some kind of liquid depending on your liking, for example milk or water. This blender is made of glass or metal or plastic. The glass is preferred   over plastic as glass is heavier and more stable, and doesn’t absorb the favour of the food like plastic does. Glass is also preferred over metal as in a metal container you can’t see the food particles that are being processed.  The containers that grind and mix the food have blades which help in processing the food. In most cases the blades are removable. The container sits on top of a base that contains the engine. When you fire up the engine, the blades starts moving in hi speed and creates a whirlpool effect in the container, which results all the solid particles to come in contact with the blades so that they get crushed and blended into a shake or a smoothie. You can select various speeds for the engine to rotate the blades at and you don’t need to put any liquid in the high power ones but some kinds of liquids are required in the low power one!


The second kind of blender is the hand blender. This doesn’t have a container but just has mixing head with rotating blades that can be immersed into a container full of some semi mixture and is perfect for making homogeneous mixtures that won’t fit into a container or can’t be poured into a container carefully, like hot soup and all. This kind of blender has very fixed uses unlike the top covered blender which can be used for various purposes, but it is very handy as it is very small and easy to store away.

The blender generally comprises of a housing, food container and motor blades. The fan and the machine are carefully built into the housing area and id protected with shock absorbers and vibrator sensors.  The fan can be rotated at various speeds with the use of a universal machine that has different stator windings that helps regulate the speed, so when you choose a particular speed, the particular stator winding comes into the play and the blades then rotate according to that stator winding. The stator windings create a torque that gives it the energy to rotate. You can always increase and decrease the speed while you are using the blender. Nowadays most of the blenders have electronic units instead of the stator windings.

The development of blenders began when a Polish- American named Stephen J. Polawsky started working on a drink mixer under the contract of Arnold Electric Company in the year 1919 and the patented the product by the year 1922. He produced a liquefier blender in the year 1922 and was the owner of Stevens Electric Company.  In 1949 for the first time, Vitamix advertised their blender in an infomercial.


A blender can be found in the market for a pretty cheap price. You can get a proper hand blender for $25 and a container blender for around $40 on Amazon and if you are looking for some professional help you can go on thefreshome.com and they have an excellent blog that will help you decorate your home with the best appliances depending on your needs and they will also help you find everything that you need on their page. Thefreshome is probably one of the best pages we have come across that guides you through innumerable articles and they get about a 3 million visits!

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