Getting To Know Different Business Telephone Systems

Business telephone systems are not only applicable for call center companies and IT firms because large enterprises and other major companies in other industries can also take advantage of their services. Here is a simple overview on some of the business telephone systems available out there.

  • Traditional telephone systems

This is the basic telephone system that we regularly use in our residential homes and offices. There is not much that this telephone system can offer except for basic phone call services. You can also dial long distance phone calls with this system but the telecommunication service provider would surely charge you a lot on a per-minute basis depending on the package that you have subscribed for.


  • Business mobile systems

This is an upgraded version of the generic telephone system because it is equipped with business features that you can use for your company’s operations. It is a little bit more expensive than regular mobile plans but can already serve you well if your company only has a small number of employees. This type of business telephone system gets you in the middle between traditional phone lines and VoIP but you definitely have to pick up the latter if you are looking forward to grow and expand as a company.

  • Cloud-based systems


This VoIP powered-system is ideal for small up to mid-sized businesses as long as they have a fast and reliable internet connection. Business owners are able to enjoy more business features at the expense of less cost. Since calls are being run through the internet broadband then the company can also take advantage of cheaper long distance calls unlike with traditional phone lines wherein long distance calls can get too pricey. This system is also perfect if you have multiple calls going at the same time since busy lines can easily be avoided with this system.

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