Research Paper Writing

As soon as you hear the word research paper, a treasure of thoughts of collection of sources like books, artworks, journals etc. comes into your mind. These images are of working with heaps of books, information regarding the concerned topic and other literary materials are obvious to come and haunt your mind. Sometimes, when you yourself do not have time or maybe due to various other conditions, you may also pay someone to write a paper for you. It is a very time consuming and tedious task to fulfil. It is much more than just information regarding a topic.

A lot of proofs and evidences are required to support your viewpoint in the research paper which you want to present. In a sense, it is an expanded essay which is an interpretation of your thoughts and arguments. You make efforts to draw a parallel between your thoughts and the points which have already been published by experts in that particular field. To write a good research paper, you might face a lot of challenges, but if you follow proper steps, you might excel and write an excellent research paper. Below, I have collected a few points for you which might help you to write a good research paper.


  • First of all, you have to dwell deep on the topic on which you are going to write your paper on. Focus, discover and understand the basics of the topic and read a lot of good material about it.
  • It is also important that you choose a topic which interests you the best and which is also researchable. Talk to more and more people about the topic and gather more and more information about it in this way. Also try searching online about the topic that you have chosen.
  • Another important factor is to keep the information which you have gathered in an arranged and sequenced manner. You may refer to library catalogues, bibliographies and also ask your mentor or instructor to guide you in the same.
  • When you have decided upon the topic which you will write a research paper on, make an outline and a prospectus for yourself. It may contain the significance of the topic, the relevant background and most importantly, the purpose of writing the paper.
  • Then comes the writing of the entire paper. It must have a good introduction, which states the main argument of your paper and it has to be very informative. Also the body of the paper must be really engaging and the conclusion which must contain the points which you have not mentioned previously and also that what must be done to carry on the current research.
  • Also, it is really important that you stay original in your research and do not copy anyone else’s work and claim that it has been done by you.
  • When you have edited the entire research paper, next step is to create the final draft which finalises your research paper.


During higher studies, academic research paper is one term which you will come in contact with very frequently. It lets you to explore various issues which you may not be familiar with. Many times you may even be asked to prepare a research paper on any topic and this may create some uneasiness for you.  However, with proper guidance and efforts, you will would learn and gain much knowledge about various issues. You may not be very good initially in writing research papers, but as they say ‘practise makes a man perfect’. So, never lose hopes and keep writing and eventually you will succeed.

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