Soccer-The Most Popular Sport Around The World

Considered the most popular sport around the world, Association football is more commonly called the soccer or the football. The sport is played between two teams that are formed of eleven players each. The ball used for the game is a spherical one. It is played on a field that is rectangular in shape with goals at each of the ends. The main objective of winning the game is to score points by hitting the ball into the opposite goal and preventing the goal on your side.

A small brief about Soccer

  1. There are two goal keepers with the two goals. They are the only players on the field who are allowed to touch the ball while in the play, with their hands or arms and that too only within their penalty area.
  2. All the other players cannot use their hands or arms but only their feet to hit the ball. The head or torso can also be used apart from the feet.
  3. The team with the maximum goals at the end of the game wins.
  4. By the end of the game, if the scores of both the teams are level-


  • The game can be declared a draw.
  • There can be an additional ‘extra time’ in the game to get results.
  • There can also be a ‘penalty shootout’ to get the results.

Governing Body

The governing body for association football is International Federation of Association Football. It governs the sport at an international level and is also responsible for organizing world cups of the sport. The world cups are organized every four years and are for both men and women. In French FIFA stands for ‘Fèdèration international de Football Association’.

The laws or the rules of the game were first introduced by The Football Association in England in 1863.


The Origination of the name

The name Association Football was just an attempt to distinguish the sport from other forms of football that were played at that time. “Soccer” was first used in England in the 1880 to replace “association”. So association football is now football in the UK and soccer in Canada and US.

Some of the other nicknames used for the sport are The beautiful game and The world game too.

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