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Futon Bed: Above The Comfort

Japanese have been using futon beds for years now. A traditional Japanese futon bed does not resemble the futons that are known to the western world even a bit. The traditional Japanese futons do not need a piece of furniture or metallic framework to be laid on. Futons are meant specifically for sleeping and in Japan, they are laid down directly on the traditional tatami flooring that too only when it’s the time to go to sleep. They are rolled up in the morning as soon as you wake up and kept in a closet. Most of the Japanese houses have deep closets made especially for storing futons during the day time. This makes the space occupied by the futons useful even during the day time. There are several benefits of using futons. That is only the reason the western countries are also adapting it with their own modifications.

Benefits of using Futons:

  • Usability:


The traditional Japanese futons are made of 100% cotton, without the use of any kind of synthetic clothes. That’s the only reason that they are really light in weight and easy to move and store. Moreover, they are really comfortable and hassle-free.

  • Easy Maintenance:

It is really easy to clean or wash away your futon. You may not even need to wash your futon unless you get something spilled on it. There are futon beaters available which are made of bamboo. They are used to beat the futons to prevent any kind of molding and also to get rid of any kind of dust particles. However, you may need to place your futons under direct sunlight after a specific time interval to prevent any kind of smell accumulation. If your futon needs to be washed, it can directly be washed in an industrial washer and kept under sunlight to dry.


  • Health Benefits:

One of the major reasons to use futons is its health benefits. Futons are made of 100% cotton and free of any kind of synthetic materials. The material used also lowers down the sweating when you are asleep. It has also been found good for your back posture and also cures back aches and prevents all other joint related problems. Athletes have also preferred the use of futons due to their health benefits.

Considering the above-mentioned benefits, futons can anytime be called better than any other kind of beddings in mainly in the terms of health concerns.

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