Techniques On How To Pass A Hair Drug Test

One of the newer kinds of drug tests are hair follicle drug tests, they are much more difficult to tip toe around since the traces of the drugs can be retained by the hair for approximately 90 days, unlike the regular urine tests where you only need to wait about a week to flush it all out. Let’s say you have ingested quite a lot of drugs, even if it’s just marijuana, then you will fail the test. We’re here to save your day by telling you how to pass a hair drug test.


Hair follicle drug tests need a small amount of hair from the person to be tested, around 120 strands. The substances and traces of the drugs can last in our hair for about 90 days or more. Other people have actually passed the test even though they have ingested drugs before; they have luckily shared their secrets and techniques so now we’re going to share them with you.

Techniques to Pass Hair Drug Tests

In case you catch wind of an upcoming drug test, then we highly advise that you stop using the said drug and if you’re truly desperate to pass it then you can do the following:

  • Try this home remedy, before the day of the drug test, saturate your hair in white vinegar. Keep in mind that it won’t give off the most pleasant smell in the world. For maximum saturation possible, slowly massage the vinegar in your hair and for ten minutes.
  • Leave the vinegar in your hair for 15 to 20 minutes, just sit there and do nothing to it. Giving it that much time to set will help it sink the solution in your scalp.
  • Next is to grab a salicylic acne treatment, make sure that it has a 2% salicylic concentration. Pour that over your head, leave it to set alongside the vinegar for 30 minutes.
  • Without any kind of rinsing, massage a cap full of liquid detergent through your hair.
  • Grab a scoop of detergent powder and just add enough water to turn it into paste. Scrub the paste through your hair and scalp; concentrate in the back of your head.


  • Rinse all the products out of your hair with just water, no conditioner or shampoo.
  • Finally, buy some cheap hair dyes and dye your hair.

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