Meal Types From Sun Basket

SunBasket offers so many meal plans for vegans, vegetarians and those who need or like gluten-free dishes. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from, they are also perfect for those who are too tired to do any fancy cooking at dinner or just want something simple and healthy. You can be sure that SunBasket offers only the freshest produce and ingredients grown from local farms. Also, the meat, seafood and poultry are responsibly raised, sustainably-sourced and hormone-free.

General Choices for Your Healthy Sun Basket Meal


  • Chef’s Choice – every week, three if Chef Justine’s favourite recipes are included in the meal plan alongside various seasonal ingredients. You should be able to get a good taste of the best seasonal produce and a few sustainably sourced meat or seafood, depending on the recipe.
  • Rise & Shine – each and every week, the meal kit delivery contains about two of Chef Justine’s preferred dinner recipes and two more 5 minute breakfast recipes. This meal plan is highly recommended for those who prefer to cook about two dinners a week and two healthy breakfasts at the start of the day. In terms of price, they cost the same as any other meal plan.
  • Paleo – clients will receive meal plans containing fast, easy and low carb recipes alongside various seasonal produce, meats and poultry. You’ll never be bored of Paleo recipes all thanks to weekly additions of brand new recipes that you can choose from.


  • Gluten-Free – a meal plan containing mostly gluten-free dishes, fresh ingredients alongside seasonal produce or fruits, sustainably sourced seafood and various gluten-free grains.
  • Vegetarian – if you choose this meal plan, expect three delicious and meatless recipes as well as fresh ingredients. The vegetarian meat plan gives special emphasis on multiple seasonal produce and other nutritious plant-based proteins.

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