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Find The Perfect Choice Of Weed By Making A Right Choice!

Not many people know about different varieties and measuring factors of weed. They only get embarrassed when they go out to buy weed strains from an independent dealer. All the medicated weeds have an expert who tells people about the innumerable varieties of weed. But the case is totally different when it comes to independent weed deals, which is why a person should have adequate knowledge about the strains of weed.

Things to know:


If you are just a beginner and do not know about your weed consumption capacity, then you should the following given factors which will help you make a good decision. These points include,

  • Marijuana which a person consumes generally comes in an eight which is 1/8, gram, half which is ½, quarter i.e. ¼ as sold by different weed dealers.
  • The quantity of weed which one should buy at a given time is dependent on several factors, like the amount you put in a joint, THC content of weed, measuring quantity and more.


  • Being a beginner, the person will not need more than 1 8 of weed, which will last for few days. An amount of one to 1/8 of weed is sufficient for a beginner consumer of weed. Later on, when the user becomes regular to the weed consumption, he can increase it gradually.
  • The normal cost of the marijuana strain varies between twenty five to seventy dollars depending upon its quality and the way it is harvested.

Never go with the peer pressure and consume large dosage of weed, because it can cause some serious side effects to the person’s health. Just start with the basic amount and then increase it later on, according to the capacity.

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