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Highest Thc Strains – Whooping Thc Levels

Everyone associated with the world of marijuana keeps on searching for the details regarding strongest weed in the world. These guys do try hard to find current highest thc strains which will make a weed strongest. Just looking at the current trend, it is really difficult indeed to set one single number for highest THC levels. We have already got the weeds with more 30% THC levels which are just incredible. Every year, these whooping THC levels catch the attention of marijuana consumers and cultivators. These strongest weeds definitely act as a blessing in disguise for the individuals who desire to sit back and enjoy.


It is astonishing indeed how the weed world has completely changed in last few years. People have been trying out hybrid weeds in order to increase the THC levels and without any doubt, huge success has been enjoyed. Have you thought to enjoy a weed with more than 15% THC levels, a few years back? I am sure the answer would be no. Well, things have definitely changed rapidly and now it is not tough to find highest thc strains with more 30% THC. It is strange but these high THC levels completely reveal the dedication and research of weed cultivators.

Factors Affecting THC Levels

Any weed which is able to surpass 20% THC level is considered as strong weed. It would be worth to mention here a weed can have varying THC levels. You can take the fine example of Bruce Banner. One flower of Bruce Banner has been reported with 22% THC while another flower was reported with 15% THC. Both these flowers had the similar appearance but the difference in THC level is massive. One need to understand there are certain factors which will influence THC levels in a single weed. These factors are environmental conditions, genetic pheno types and applied growing techniques.


According to the expert, rising THC level is mainly due to strong genetic and highly selective breeding. If you really to grow a weed with highest thc strains, just pay attention to breeding and strong genetics of the existing weeds. There is nothing wrong with learning from other people experiences and go through latest growing techniques. Weeds are getting popular and if you are able to grow strong ones, you can really make some serious money. Just don’t waste the opportunity and enhance your knowledge about strongest weeds right now.

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