Stardoll: Game For Girls

Stardoll is a game being launched for girls above the age of seven which was earlier based on the paper doll concept. The game purposely focuses on enhancing the interest of girls because in the game they get the options to dress up girls in various styles using different tools.  Since the launch in 2004, the game is reportedly said to have added every 200 users since September 2009 and as of 2014 report it has over 300 million users worldwide.

The history and concept of the game

star1As per the history of the game, it is based on the paper doll concept. The makers of the game tapped on the initial interests of girls in dressing up dolls and this is what prompted them to design up a game online with advanced graphics which gives them the platform to play the game properly.  The creator of the game Lisa Wrang wanted a game for girl which would be based on their interest and which is devoid of those violent elements in action games which boys generally play.  the plan worked in the favor of the makers and the game was successful in garnishing successful reviews from the makers.

Coming on the concept of the game, it is relatively simple i.e. it is designed for girls above he age of seven. Even boys have developed fondness for the game and it has been observed that many boys have started playing the stardoll game. Once a member has joined the game, he or she is introduced to the rules and the regulations in the game and initially they are given 500 starcoins and 20 stardollars to get started with the game properly.

sddefaultThe members can then start their game and explore new playing options.  In the starplaza option the players can make use of the starcoins and stardollars to purchase new outfits, accessories, clothing items and makeup items for dolls. Also the members playing the game can make communities easily and interact with other players online. Briefing down some benefits of playing this game:

  • The stardoll game sets to enhance the creativity within girls because when they are dressing up their dolls they use their creative skills in preparing them.
  • It is sans of any violent content and there is no sort of parental guidance and intervention required and girls can freely play the game without any hesitance.

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