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Best Commercial Mower Of The Year

Commercial mowers are like any other kind of equipment or furniture that we need to compare from one brand to another. If you want to purchase one of the best commercial mower out there, we encourage you to look from one review to another. But you should steer clear of the sponsored reviews since they tend to be biased towards the commercial mower brand that, well, sponsored them. Out of the thousands of commercial mower brands and models out there it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for you, that’s why we’re here to give you some suggestions based on the best commercials mowers of 2016.

Craftsman 37436


Sold in the market for $430, the torque is 7lb-ft and it has a rear-wheel drive. When it comes to the drive control, it’s a right hand speed control lever and fixed handle, the noise is 93 dbA. Many of the people who reviewed this mower stated that it’s a ‘sweet ride’ thanks to its amazing design that involves a spring loaded height adjustment.

To adjust the height setting, you only need to pull on the large red grip on every wheel and pivot to the setting of your choice.  Once you found angle or height of your choice, release the handle and the height adjustment pin will quickly snap in place. Some of the Craftsman 37436’s better details and features include a well-protected drive belt underneath the deck alongside a easily maneuvered squeeze-handle lever for the drive.


John Deere JS36

Yours for only $400, which costs a little less than the Craftsman 37436, it has a torque of 7 lb-ft, the drive is rear wheel, 91 dbA in noise and it has a pivoting top-handle regarding its drive control. An extremely easy mower to use, the drive speed can be adjusted quickly through the pivot of the top handle. Also, there’s little to no rolling resistance when the engine’s off; basically, the mower just glides down your driveway or around your garage area. With only one pull, you can immediately get the mower going and with the help of one of the easy pivoting lever, the user can raise or lower the deck.

Of course nothing’s perfect, some users didn’t like the drive handle of the pivoting top-handle, it’s a little more suited for plain cut patterns and not at all for the fancier back-and-forth action or even the pivoting moves that a handful of yards need.

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