In the today’s date YouTube has over a billion users – almost one-third of the internet using population. In every second hundred of videos are uploaded to it which is a clear symbol depicting the fact that the latest trend in the market is nothing but video marketing. buy-1000-youtube-views-copy

What is YouTube marketing?

In the present practical and the modern world, most people have no belief in the advertisements made by the companies to promote their products. So here comes the YOUTUBE marketing or social media marketing. As people look for general reviews and long term usage reviews of products, you tubers come into the play.100-uk-youtube-views-300x300

There are tech reviews, food reviews, travel vlogs, motovlogs and what not. There are videos for each and everything. As better the video is, more are the views it hits. And here starts the YOUTUBE marketing.

The product companies want the ads of their products to be shown on the highest viewed YouTube content, as the product will become famous due to the viewers. Some of the companies sponsor the YouTube video makers to use and promote their products in their content. By all these competitions to hit more views, to get sponsors, to get ads or to get more income from YouTube, the YouTube content is started. This includes many techniques and ideas for increasing the quality of the content and it can also include that you can buy YouTube views for the YouTube content.

Concept of buying YouTube views!!

Buying YouTube views is an option for youtubers to gain viewers as well as to promote business.  Sometimes buying YouTube views will cause banning of the channel by YouTube itself. If any channel is caught of purchasing views for its content by YouTube during the routine checking, then the channel will have to face some serious actions.

However, some websites or companies give a guarantee to provide genuine views for the channel for a price so that no action can be taken on the channel, even after they buy YouTube views.

The following are some of the genuine websites:

  • BuyVie
  • Devumi
  • Fastfollowerz
  • Coincrack
  • AudienceGain

Some of the channels banned for buying YouTube views are

  • MrTheVestman
  • SniperousSnape
  • BitGamerYT:
  • Jademalo
  • VGReviewUnit
  • BraindeadlyWorld

Just for the sake of more views in less time, some YouTubers have ended their YouTube career. If the content and quality of the video are good then automatically views will increase. And spending money for buying YouTube views for the content makes no sense at all.

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