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Best Blogging Platform Available In The Market

Though the onslaught of social media has given blogs a step back, they continue to be sought after by bloggers who enjoy their space on the internet. Here are the top blogging platforms that are available in the market to provide blogger templates that will impress the viewers out there hands down.

  1. Jekyll: This is one of the popular platforms that will accept your raw text files and converts them into a static site that you can host as and when you want to. In fact you can also host your blog on the GitHub Pages for free since the engine behind them is Jekyll.


  1. WordPress: If you are a blogger, chances are you have heard about WordPress multiple times in almost all conversations on blogging. In fact, they are said to power more than a fifth of the internet. It is absolutely free to create a blog and costs only little for customisation.
  2. Content: They use an approach called API-first. This means that they store the content that you feed and you can call it into any platform or design that you want. So down the line, if you want to build a different style of blog, then you can do so by simply bringing everything from its existing one, as it is built to be portable.
  3. Tumbler: Tumbler is a bit of both Twitter and WordPress. It makes submitting content and customizing easy and also has a good social undercurrent.


  1. Blogger: Parading the internet for more than 16 years, the Blogger is Google’s very own. They have a variety of templates that you can take your pick from and use.

All of the above blogger platforms have free blogger templates that you can make use of to create your very own blog.

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