The Best Large Cat Trees

A cat tree is an artificial structure where the cat will have to relax, play and exercise. It is a very important place in a cat’s life that lack of it might cause the cat strife.  The cat will be able to use the support polls as scratching posts while enjoying the perch. Make sure that you choose the right dimensions and size so that it will be comfortable to serve as a large cat tree. Finding out the maximum weight load of the cat tree will also enable you to know if it will accommodate the total weight of your cat/s. The material used to construct the tree is very important. You are supposed to choose real solid wood; avoid treated wood may contain harmful chemicals that might harm your cats.

Here are some of the best large cat trees

Refined Feline Lotus Cat Towers


It is one of the modern large cat trees which can also accommodate small cats. It has features which cats need for in their hangout. It has different landings which are of different heights which include the big perch which is at the top. The cat will be able to view everything around its environment and beyond. The cat will love the various perches and heights which it can easily leap to. There  is a large condo on the ground, which will be enjoyed by the cage dwellers. If your cat like scratching things, there is a large sisal scratching pad on the lower part of the tower where the cat will dig in and scratch all it cares. It costs between  $303.99 and $319.99.

Bush Dweller Large Carpeted Cat Tree


Bush Dweller is specifically designed for large cats with the top landing at 15 inches long by 15 inches wide. It also has 1 -2-inch lip running around the edge. On the top, there are two perches which measure 12 inches wide and 15 inches long which will give a large cat enough space to stretch, relax and scratch. In total, it measures 33 inches high and 20 inches long and wide. So if you have a large bush cat, this is the cat tree you need.  It costs $77.92.

Carpeted Large Cat Pagoda House


Pagoda house is a unique cat tree which is meant for large cats. It has all you need in a large cat tree with its ocean view, vaulted ceilings, and updated appliances. It has two wooden scratching posts which will serve the cat well when it comes to scratching; it also has a replaceable carpet scratching post and  corrugated cardboard scratching pad which will keep the cat’s nails strong and healthy. For exercise and play, there is a house perched on top of the tower which can be used to climb on top for play or exercise. Its dimension is 20 inches long by 20 inches wide by 46 inches high. Its interior measures 12 inches wide by 14 inches long and 12 inches high which are just super measurements for a large cat. It costs between $79.99 and $92.99.

Get the best large cat tree for your pet from the list above.

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