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Exercising Your Brain With Meditation

Meditation is a process of calming the mind by focusing on a certain thing or by reciting a mantra. Meditation is widespread right now and you can find people all over the doing it during their free time, in parks, at their work places and in their homes. Meditation finds its roots from almost all the religions in the world but the modern form of meditation is taking from the Hindu culture. You can find Hindu sadhus meditating in various cities of India and in most documentaries. In fact meditation is a main part of the culture as you will find all the old religious prophets and gods meditating in their statue or painting form. You can visit Unify Cosmos to get more information about guides as many forms of meditations can’t be done without a guide and in this article we will talk about the three basic forms of meditation.



The first one is Focused Meditation like Vipassana which works on your concentration. You basically focus one thing during the entire process. It could be external objects like a stone or you could even focus on your breathing. This stops your mind from wandering away and you can always realize and bring it back whenever it does. You will see Buddhist monks practicing this kind of meditation. You can start by counting from 1 to 10 and every time you lose focus, you can just counting from the beginning.

The next kind of meditation is mindfulness or open monitoring meditation. In this process you don’t focus on one thing and instead you just let your brain free. You let your brain explore all kinds of perceptions and ideas. You let your brain float to any idea that comes your way naturally and you don’t make it move in a certain way. Mindfulness helps you experience everything from a third person perspective and feel a lot of different sensations together and also helps you these different sensations.


The third type of meditation was introduced to the world by the Beatles when they visited India and this is called Transcendental Meditation. This kind of meditation doesn’t need any effort from your mind and actually represents a clear and peaceful min that actually helps you find yourself because when your mind is completely empty from all thoughts, that is when you discover your pure self. It is often compared to giving your brain a massage.

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