Choosing the Right Bed Pillows

One simply can’t deny the importance of a good night’s sleep. The effect it has on our mental and physical health is tremendous, and can never be replaced by any substitute. Laziness during the day, lack of concentration or a feeling of heaviness in your head – all these problems may stem from the simple fact that you might not be getting enough sleep during the night. Now, why can you not sleep during the sleep? One reason for this is maybe your uncomfortable pillow. Once you get rid of it, it’s time for you to find one which will be perfect for you. It should be comfortable around your head and neck, and most importantly, its size should be perfect for you. best-bamboo-bed-pillows-top-rated-memory-foam-original-bamboo-pillow-queen-0-5

Let’s have a look at the number of bed pillows that are there to serve different purposes:

  • Body Pillows: These are meant mostly for pregnant women and are built according to the person’s body shape and size. Also known as maternity pillows, they give extensive support to the spinal cord while adjusting to your body contours.
  • European Pillows: These are the ones we normally use, the square-shaped or rectangular ones. They are stuffed with foam, cotton or Eurofeather. Their sizes vary from large to medium.
  • Bolster Pillow: These tube shaped pillows are mostly used for the sole purpose of decorations. Their sizes vary according to the size of the beds they are meant for.
  • Neckroll Pillow: As it is evident from the name itself, these are meant for your neck. They are put on your shoulders so that your neck may get as much comfort as needed. If you are suffering from cervical pain, this is the pillow you should go for as even doctors recommend them.
  • King Pillow: These are large in size, to go along with a king size bed. If comfort is your primary requirement, then these should be the ones you must go for. Extremely comfortable, the material is mostly cotton or any other soft fabric.
  • Standard Pillows: These are common variety of pillows which can be used on beds of any size. Their sizes vary from 20-26 inches.
  • Reading Pillows: Yes, they have a separate pillow for reading too. You should definitely not give this a miss if you happen to be a bookworm because these are designed so that you can read in your bed with all the comfort you may want. Their uses are varied, right from being an armrest to a book holder. What’s more, they can even be used in sofas if that suits your mood. The fabric and colour of these vary greatly, so have your pick as per your own

Before you decide on any particular pillow for your daily usage, you should keep one thing in mind. Apart from always going for the best rated pillows, always decide a pillow by what is used to fill it up because that is all that matters. The material used can be feather, synthetic, cotton, fibres of memory foam. Choose the one that best suits your need.

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