Baby Playards

Children are the most treasured extensions of us. It is no wonder we dote on them even when they are no longer children. When a friend of ours or family member is about to have a child, it is important that we grace the baby shower with gifts that are both stylish and functional. Birthdays for older children are important too. Finding a good baby pack and play to gift your friend can be easy or not. It is imperative that you find the one that sends the exact message you have in mind. Consider these things before you select


The thought of losing a child is horrific. Many babies have died out of suffocation from baby products. It is important to ensure that the baby pack and play you buy meets set safety standards. If it is too weak, your baby may fall.


The ideal pack and play should be used in the house and when you want to travel with the baby. It shouldn’t weigh too much and wheels make it easier to curd around. It should also be easy to fold when you want to stash it away.


It is great if it is easy to move around but an integrated bassinet means that you can also change your baby in it. It may cost more to add a bassinet and toys but it is worth the multi- purpose


Sometimes it comes down to how much you can spend. If you are not limited in your spending you can get the high end models with more features. If your pocket is a little tight, strive for functionality before style. 


Big pack and plays give more room for play but if your house is small, it’s better to go for a smaller baby pack and play. Crowding the room the play pack is in could cause accidents.

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