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How To Find Affordable Cremation Services

Costs of cremation range between $600 and $3,000 which are cheaper than the funeral expenses which can run into 10 of thousands. The cost is what is making cremation to be on the high with over 40% of Americans preferring cremation, which is an increase from the 27% a decade ago. With this is in mind, it is important to shop around for the most affordable cremation service.

Compare Service Providers

When you go out for affordable services, make sure you compare several service providers before you decide on the final one to use. You can start by calling local funeral homes  to get a quote of what they offer. Ask them their quote for a direct cremation, which is the cheapest of them all. Direct cremation means there will be no embalming, funeral or formal viewing. It includes picking the body, doing the necessary paperwork, cremation, and handing over the ashes to the concerned family.

To get contacts for your local service providers, you can check online or in the yellow pages under funeral, or cremation. If you look around online and even in the neighborhood, you won’t miss to get volunteer groups who will be able to furnish you with information concerning the various prices charged in different cremation centers. Gather the information and be in the no how before you settle for the service providers of choice.

Financial Help

If you or your family cannot afford cremation, get help through the social service department in your county or town. A one-time death benefit can be gotten from the social security which is normally paid to the next of kin – $255. If you are a veteran, you have the VA to provide you with a benefit which includes a national cemetery for free and a grave maker for free. You will only need to cover the funeral and cremation costs.

Getting A Low-Cost Urn

An urn cost between $50 and $300 but they are not a must. You can keep the ashes in a plastic bag which you, later on, insert in a plastic box. You will only need a box in order for your ashes to be scattered. For display purposes, you can get an affordable urn or a nice container online. Online shops like Walmart have cheap urn which goes for as little as $25.

Get the most affordable cremation by using our guide.

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