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Why Am I So Sleepy: Here Are Few Reasons Why Sleep Takes You Over In Day Time

Are you these days feeling tired, fatigued and sleepy? Do you fall asleep every now and then on your work desk and get scarily jerked by your colleagues or boss. Due to such symptoms, are you worried recently that you must have developed illness or health conditions like anemia, sleep apnea or thyroid problems. If you are feeling tired continuously, you shouldn’t take this casually rather you need to investigate and see through the matter. Now we all are so much busy and hardly get time to tend our needs such as appetite and rest, but when you lack energy to do any work and all through the day you keep on asking why am I so sleepy, just don’t blow it off. Surely you are in need of some lifestyle changes and the faster you consider the better, eat wholesome food, drink as much fluid as possible, do some yoga and lastly give yourself some rest. You need to jerk off stress and stay happy, worrying much would certainly play badly. But if you are still not benefitted its better to do little bit extra work.


If you are feeling fatigued and restless and trying to find out the reason, well you may have Anemia where on testing you may know that you lack red blood cells significantly. Anaemia is usually caused due to iron and varying other minerals deficiency, if you can fulfill that need you may survive through but if you are still having issues,  you better talk to the physician and have CBC testing to know the count of your blood cells.

Thyroid Disease

The moment it is detected that your hormones are acting wacky, certainly your regular activities will be affected. The thyroid gland is positioned in the front position of the neck and as accordingly it is releasing hormone which is in great way responsible for controlling your metabolism. When such release is great it is known as hyperthyroidism and when it is too little it is known as hypothyroidism, in both way metabolism slows down. Due to muscle fatigue the overall body is affected.


Today 90 out of 100 are having type 2 diabetes, but among this 90, 80 people don’t know they are having diabetes. Sugar is something fuels our body and those who are having type 2 diabetes fail to make use of sugar suitably, thus end in having sugar build up in blood. When there is energy deficiency body starts showing signs like feeling tired and sleepy, yawning every now and then. In that you need to test yourself oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is tested in such phase.


When you are depressed, sad and gloomy find everything downbeat around, you will find your sleep and eating pattern being disturbed for sure. You may guzzle down pills in want of sleep but it may possible, your mind starts playing games and you wake up with half sleep.  All throughout the day you will yawn and feel sleepy.

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