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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Your LED Shoes

As with purchasing any product, you’re sure to have questions concerning LED shoes before buying them regardless of the brand or the manufacturer. Sneakers, boots and tennis with LED will lead to general questions that you’re bound to ask. There’s nothing wrong with asking since you will spend considerable money on the item, it’s not like shoes come are worth a dime a dozen. If you’re planning to purchase your LED shoes from Hover Kicks, then we might just answer some of the questions you have.

Are LED shoes water proof?

Good question, no one wants to get electrocuted from tenis con led no matter how stylish they might be. It’s a great thing that the LED shoes from Hover Kicks are water resistant particularly in the outer area of the show, it can also sustain tiny amount of water from rain and even snow. Just remember that the shoe’s battery is located inside, it must always be dry in order to avoid diminishing or damaging the battery.

In case of half sizes, should I choose a size up or down?

Hover Kicks does not offer half sizes, so they highly recommend that those who do have half sizes to order up to the nearest whole size. Let’s say that your shoe size is 6 ½, the best and most comfortable size for your should be the size 7. This rule applies to shoes for kids, women and men.

What are also included in the box on my purchase?

On every purchase at Hover Kicks, you should basically expect a pair of LED shoes as well as a dual USB charging connector. This particular USB charger is able to charge about 2 shoes at the same time. But keep in mind that wall adapters are not included in purchases.

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