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Causes And Remedies Of Underbite Problem

An underbite is a class III of malocclusion also known as Mesiocclusion. In this dental condition, the lower jaw protrudes out and upward overlaps with the upper teeth. It is generally caused due to low development of the upperjaw that might be caused due to genetics, thumb sucking, or mouth breathing.  There are many other disadvantages of underbite including high chances of wear and tear of enamel, excess jaw pain, problem while breathing and changes in the appearance of the facial structure. An under bite disorder needs to be fixed as early as possible. The underbite correction means employing the services of a dentist. Once examining the patient, the dentist prescribes the type of treatment suitable for the patient. A few kinds of treatment offered to the underbite patientare mentioned below:

Braces: The use of braces is the most common and cost efficient method of underbite correction. There are many types of braces such as metal braces and clear braces.Many patients are self-conscious regarding their looks, so most of them go for clear braces rather than metal braces.Appliances: There are several other custom made appliances for the underbite patients. These other appliances include retainers, headgears and expanders. In comparison with braces, these appliances are quite less comfortable and should only be used when necessary.

Surgery:In many cases of underbite correction, braces and other appliances are not able to fix underbite problem. In this severe case, surgery is the only option required to fix the problem. Though, it is an expensive treatment, it guarantees excellent results.

Orthodontist always recommends fixing the bite problem in the early days of childhood. This helps the patient by reducing duration of treatment and cost. However, it does not mean that adults can’t get good results from the treatment.

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