Clash Royale Cheats for Gems and Gold Unlimited

You loved their most popular multiplayer freemium game-the clash of clans- and now they are here to deliver more!!

Fellow game lovers let us talk about Clash Royale APK created by Supercell. This game is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Just like the clash of clans, clash Royale is an arena for online strategy battle. The players are ranked based on their level and arenas they have unlocked. In total there are thirteen levels and nine arenas, which also include the training camp. If the player destroys some towers belonging to the enemy, they win.

How is the game played?

Here you can see the arena and the battlefield. You can also view your battle deck. The user-interface is amazingly easy to navigate.

At the beginning of the game, the players will have to collect cards to unlock the game characters. There are four types of cards -common, rare, epic, and legendary. And good news for clash of clan fans- the clash Royale also contains characters of COC!! Along with the royal characters. To get a higher ranking, you need to go on unlocking different areas and levels. You can accomplish this by having trophies in your possession. You win awards by winning battles. The number of cups required for unlocking each arena differs.

To increase your level, you need to donate your cards or upgrade them by acquiring a certain number of cards. And based on your current level the cards will be updated. For getting a higher rank more number of cards are required for the upgrade.  If you are new to this game and want to level up without playing the hard level you may want to check clash royale cheat which allows you to earn gems and gold instantly.

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