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About Running Fred

Running Fred or Run Fred is an incredibly fun mobile game where you control a little avatar called Fred. The main goal of the game would be to keep Fred alive as he runs through traps and unexpected challenges along the way. It’s a bloody game but not to the point that we have to add ‘gore’ to the tags. Don’t worry, the blood is in no way realistic, it’s bloody in a cute cartoon way. But do keep in mind that if you’re sensitive even with cartoon blood and the sound effects of broken bones then you might want to look at other games.

Running Fred

Running Fred is the second installment in the game series right after Falling Fred; if you haven’t tried Falling Fred, you should also definitely give it a go. In Running Fred, the creators and developed really upped the antics and tricks; there are more locations, better moves, painful antics and new special items. Do everything you can to keep Fred among the living, the main features of the game include:

  • Tons of acrobatic tricks.
  • New outfits that you can purchase and try; who says running away from imminent death doesn’t have to be in style?
  • Numerous characters options to choose from.
  • Dozens of better and more dangerous traps, ones that will definitely catch you off guard.
  • Now, you can keep the progress of your game across each and every one of your devices.
  • Hard earned scores can now be shared with friends and family through Game Center.
  • There are now multiple game modes to choose from, namely: Adventure, Endless Survival and Challenge.
  • Other new special skills and perks have been incorporated in the game.
  • More fun and exciting terrain to challenge your survival skills, tips and tricks.

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