Premier League Champions?

The English Premier League is the most competitive league in the world and guessing its outcomes are the trickiest because anything can happen anytime, like we experienced when Leicester won the title last season. Many people require agen togel to place their bets and that is why we are here so that we can help you with your bets by analyzing statistics and the current form of the teams that are of important to you.


None of us expected the title challenge for the English Premier League to heat up like the way it is playing out to be with just 6 games to go. Tottenham have reduced the point gap to just 4 points and have a superior goal difference. All Tottenham needs to do is equal the points and they can rely on the goal difference to win them the title. Tottenham just need to keep on going with their consistent form and hope for Chelsea to drop points. Kane has been ever so brilliant this season, being a constant performer for them in the last two seasons. Putting your money on Tottenham could be worth it, because we can expect Chelsea to drop points against Southampton and Everton, while Tottenham need to continue their scoring phenomenon. Betting for Tottenham would make sense because of the inconsistency that Chelsea has shown off late and was literally torn apart by Manchester United yesterday. Their star players have failed to perform like the way they had the entire season and they are starting to slump. This would be a great opportunity that Tottenham could pounce on and could finally win a Premier League Title that they deserve for being such regular performers for the last two seasons.

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