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How Do I Know If I Have Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

I recently developed a few symptoms that are very disturbing, in the form of headaches, nosebleeds, sore throat and hoarseness, and hearing issues. bieu hien ung thu vom hong. Do I have nasopharyngeal cancer?”

There are various diseases that come with very similar symptoms and we can only better understand these symptoms after proper diagnoses by a medical professional. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you decide to go online, you will find a lot of diseases with exactly the same symptoms as yours. Stay away from self medication and make sure you go for a medical check up to determine what form of treatment is necessary.

Nasopharyngeal cancer is linked to a viral infection called Epstein Barr Virus (EBV); these are speculations and are not yet certified because the EBV virus is unable to survive for a long period of time in the human body due to our immune system. This assumption is based on the fact that EBV viral cells mixes up with throat cells and alters the DNA coding of normal throat cells causing abnormal multiplication of cells. This however, is a rare occurrence.

You are only vulnerable to nasopharyngeal cancer on these conditions;

  • A male under the age of 60
  • If your family has a history or Nasopharyngeal cancer or any other form of cancer
  • If you drink and or smoke regularly
  • If constantly exposed to formaldehyde
  • If you have a lot of salt cured fish and meat in your daily diet

Nasopharyngeal cancer comes with a symptomatic blurred vision, hoarse voice, stuffy nose, loss of hearing, pains and numbness, a lump in the neck and lots of other symptoms.

In some cases the doctor might recommend a biopsy to determine specifically if the throat cells are cancerous. Proper diagnoses from a professional would help determine what the medication would be.