Make Sure You Purchase A New Account Today

There are a number of players that are purchasing a new lol silver rank account these days. One of the major reasons that you would need to purchase a League of Legends account is because your account is hacked. Once your account has been hacked there is no way you would be able to use the same email id again. Once the game administrators come to know that your account has been hacked there is a chance that they will even ban you. This is done to protect the other players that are playing the game and for the game to stay hack free.

When you purchase a new League of Legends account you get a whole new identity and you start from the lowest level possible. This way you will be able to beat other players because you would have passed these levels back in the day. It will not take you a lot of time to get back to the level that you are playing at. While it may be frustrating to start all over again it is worth it because you will be able to play your favourite game once again. You will be surprised at the number of people that are actually purchasing a new League of Legends account just so they can start playing all over again and leave their old account behind.

With the help of a new account you will also be able to switch your region where you are playing from. This will also help you to play against new players and hone your skills. One of the best things about a new account is people think that you are a new player and treat you that way. When you start beating them at their own game you will take people by surprise.