Playing games on a smartphone has become a trend and while you will find different kinds of games to play, none of them are as amazing as happy wheels. This is a unique game that you will enjoy playing as well as learn some valuable lessons from. The best part about this game is that it is very easy to play and once you get used to playing it you will not want to play any other game. 

While it’s a lot of fun, one of the major problems with the game is that it comes with only one unlocked map and if you play the game regularly you will find it boring to use the same route. If you want more maps then you need to pay for it, however if you’re not open to the idea of paying for the maps then you can always use the happy wheels unblocked which will help you unlock all the maps at once.

When you play the happy wheels game, you will realize that the game is not that bad. A number of parents try to keep their children away from this game because of the graphic nature of the game. However what the game developers have done is they have injected quite a bit of humor in the game and this makes the game more fun to play. Even though there is graphic content, the humor covers up for it.

This is what makes the happy wheels game stand apart from the other graphic content games. You can even teach your children the importance of staying safe with the help of this game and this is a lesson that your children will remember forever. When you have children that follow road safety norms, you will not need to stress when they are out in their car.


If you hate having to pull out your smartphone to send out a text message to your loved ones or to somebody that you are interested in then one of the best things to do is download the Kik messenger today. While there are different kinds of messenger’s available Kik messenger is one of the only one that you can have on your smartphone as well as your computer and this enables you to send out messages without having to worry about pulling out your smartphone when you are at work. It is difficult for you to pull out your smartphone especially when you have your seniors around you and if you are trying to get in touch with somebody it just has to wait unless you have something as efficient as the Kik messenger. 

Unlike most other chat apps you do not need to use your contact details in order to make kik friends and this makes it an extremely safe app to use because until and unless you are convinced that the person you have connected with is worth sharing your contact details with they will never learn about your private information so if you choose to take them off your list all you need to do is delete them.

Kik messenger is not just a chat app but it is also like a dating app that helps to meet new people and because you can find matches based on your location and it gets easy for you to connect with them. It is a free messenger to use and you can download it using Wi-Fi or your mobile. There is no limit to the amount of messages you send and this makes it extremely easy for you to use. You can download it on your laptop or computer as well and it becomes easy to connect with people without having to delay sending messages.


Dating may be easy for some people however it is not always one of the strongest points of a lot of people. If you are finding it very difficult to go on a date because you cannot manage to approach a girl or a boy then tinder is one of the best places for you to meet people that you can relate to. There are a number of dating apps available on the Internet that you can download on your smartphone these days but tinder is extremely different from all the other apps and you will find that in case you have been finding it tough to talk to people then this is one of the most convenient ways for you to do so. Many people have started using tinder and one of the most essential benefits is that it is a free app to download that is extremely compatible with multiple mobile platforms.

The best part about tinder is that it helps you to locate potential people you could get closer to. This means you do not really need to travel very far to meet the person that you might be interested in. There are various filters available on this app and you can choose filters based on what kind of person you are interested in meeting. There are pictures that can help you judge whether or not the person is worth spending time with.

No matter why you are on tinder it is always easy for you to chat with a person and discuss your name or your interest before you even meet them and this helps to eliminate the small talk. A lot of people find it extremely difficult for them to convey the message as to why they are actually dating but when they are on tinder it is easy for them to convey what they want to do without having to stress too much.


Popular Android Game Apps

So you have heard of a number of addictions but all of them for a wrong reason. Let us introduce you to one of the craziest addictions going wild among all ages- the online gaming addiction. You have seen youngsters glued to their smart phones for hours and wondered what could be so interesting and arresting. The answer could probably be the Color Switch-popular android gaming app.

Color Switch is an android gaming app, a one touch arcade, where the player is required to press a jump ball. The colorful ball can only pass an obstacle which is the same color as the ball itself. The player must also collect the stars in order to raise his score on the score board.


Features of Color Switch

  • The most interesting fact about the game is that it is suitable for all age groups.
  • The game is very easy to play that makes it even more addictive. But it is certainly not easy to master.
  • Color Switch has HD graphics.
  • The game is a colorful world in itself with impressive color patterns.

Steps to play the game

  1. The player needs to jump up the ball to start the game.
  2. The colorful ball can only pass the obstacles that are in the same color as the ball itself and not all of them.
  3. The player must avoid touching all the different colors.
  4. The player must aim at collecting the higher number of stars since higher the number of stars collected, higher is the score of the player.


Color switch is a brilliantly designed game that can keep a person of any age hooked for hours. Apart from being a perfect break for a leisure time, it is a great mode to train the brain as well. A colorful treat to the eye, you can now challenge your friends and family to break your score records with this one. If you have been a loyal fan of Color Cross, you are going to love this one as well.

Specifications of the game

  • Category: Action game
  • Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
  • Price: Free
  • Content rating: Everyone

The new version of the game has latest features, unique designs, colors and definitely improved performance of the players. So go ahead and download the latest version of the game absolutely free and keep gaming!


What is the Snapchat Spy?

Snapchat is one of the popular social media apps you are able to use today. But did you know that you also have the Snapchat Spy? You’re probably wondering: What is the Snapchat Spy and what does it do to Snapchat in the first place? This is actually a hack you can use to get into other people’s Snapchat accounts! How? In this article, we show you all about the Snapchat Spy!

What is the Snapchat Spy?

Snapchat is a social media app where you can share all your videos and photos publicly or privately. It makes a great way to show others where you are at and what you’re doing! But what if you want to check out someone else’s Snapchat account and see what they send to others, as well as the photos they receive? This is where Snachat Spy comes along. Snapchat Spy is an app created to hack into any Snapchat user’s account and view what they send and receive to other people. From messages to photos and videos, you’ll find everything you need to know! Not only that, but you’ll also get to save it into your phone for reference. 704778112-snapchat-hack-geekculture-001

using the Snapchat Spy app is easy. All you need to do is to download the APK file or app itself into your phone, and you’ll be able to easily pick up on the instructions. You’ll start hacking any account immediately! And no need to worry about being compromised or people finding out what you are doing, as it is completely anonymous and no one will find out they’re being hacked, or if it’s even you hacking their Snapchat accounts!tumblr_nyxms7xwf01v12eleo1_1280

In Conclusion

With the latest technology and the Internet, you are now able to utilize social media and meet with tons of people around the world. Not only that, but you’re also able to share your thoughts or what you are up to! Snapchat is one of the best ways to do that. If you’re wondering what other people send or receive on Snapchat, you will now be able to find out with the help of Snapchat Spy. An app that’s completely free of charge and easy to use, you’ll be able to check into anyone’s Snapchat account in no time and get all the information you need. So what are you waiting for? Download it today and check out the different accounts now!


How to play exciting games using the Madden mobile hacks?

Mobile gaming is becoming popular, now a day everyone has a phone which was always with them at their fingertips so the game is not far then. Even now the gaming becomes more advanced and in also it’s made in very depth and also the option of playing with multiplayer. There are lots of reasons that online mobile gaming popular especially the online madden mobile games mode. madden_nfl_mobile7

The Madden mobile hacks, now play in an online co-op mode is really a fun experience to madden NFL it is just above the novelty. In other online games, they don’t provide any real value to the content in co-op feature. But with maddening , you can play the online games with yours friend and they will able show you some truly interesting games and  show their nest move and plan their route to the leader board .An online co-op mode has really an interesting addition to madden, their features are exquisitely synergized like online game practicing mode. The online practicing mode is one of the most important features to become a good player in madden .But usually when you sitting alone and willing to play it would become more interesting if you play clock in some unranked game with your competing friend. In online practice mode players can join up with their friend to check out different kind of strategies and scheme. If you able to work with your friends on some new tricks of the trade is will become an important part of entering into maddening community. The well – known EA sport is a great implementation through these features.madden-nfl-football-650-3

Online tournament is one of the best things about madden. Every year players are looking for new features and they snatched away for a brand new edition of madden.This online tournament mode will lead to forgotten the legend correct

Madden  NFL is more like an Animal Crossing ,animal crossing ,city folk is a great fun going to house-to-house and city-to-city  just to know the style and pick up tips and there is no difference in  madden. Here, they check the ability of the player how the different player plays want type of trick they are playing or just simply go to watch a healthy match between two great players. Spectator mode is an easy way to do online business and continue to play live matches for the user to involve themselves in the sports online gaming community.


Use The Play Sniper 3D Assassin Hack For Unlimited Coins

Sniper 3D assassin is one of the most loved games by people all across the world. It is highly addictive and people spend hours playing the game. While this game is free to download, it comes with a limited amount of coins and diamonds which get over sooner than you’d expect. There is always the option of making an in app purchase in order to get more coins and diamonds, however you can also use the sniper 3d hack which is one of the best ways to get more coins and diamonds. This hack enables you to get unlimited free coins and diamonds without spending money. o7o92_f71ogtn0qtqtjhbtl72ejkfbmt4t8yenimkbvvk0ktmf0xjctabnaljim9

The sniper 3d hack is an online hack which does not require any files to be downloaded. It is very safe to use and is known to be highly effective and swift. This hack comes with multiple benefits and it is one of the most popular hacks used by avid Sniper 3D lovers all across the world.sniper-3d-assassin-shoot-to-kill-09-700x394

There are various tips that you can keep in mind while playing Sniper 3D Assassin. The best gun to use while playing the game is a sniper rifle. This is pretty obvious to state considering it is a sniping game. However if you aim to complete all missions with a single gun you should choose a high powered sniper gun. This will be handy during the latter stages of the game. Some of the guns can be handy for various side missions however can be considered a waste of money.

There are a number of things to keep in mind while playing Sniper 3D Assassin especially during the last few stages of the game. Hence you need to save your money to buy advanced weapons to complete the missions.


Music Paradise Pro To Meet All Your Music Needs

Everyone listens to music and with the inauguration of all the smart technologies around us, it has really been easier to indulge one’s self into the magical world of tunes after a busy day. However, not only great pieces of hardware is necessary to play music. Without proper software even the best music playback hardware may not offer its best potentials and that’s where an app like the Music Paradise Pro comes along.

Music Paradise Pro is an advanced music playback and editing program available for Windows and Android.

Music Paradise Pro Features

Music Paradise Pro isn’t only a typical music player, it comes with plenty of add-on features to make the music listening and editing experience a nicer one. Although the editing feature is limited mostly to creating ringtones for a phone, yet it comes very handy very often. Music Paradise Pro feature list further extends to –


  • Music Library:

Music Paradise Pro has an enriched library of music and user can download most of them for free. Creative Common license applies to a lot of contents uploaded to the Music Paradise Pro library, thus there wouldn’t be a licensing issue even if the clips edited with Music Paradise Pro are used commercially.

  • Learns user Preference:

Predictive search feature in the Music Paradise Pro app tracks the listening preference of the user and shows music tracks in the library according to the app’s prediction. This helps searching favorite music tracks especially for an enthusiast person.

  • Download Easily:

Multiple downloads could be done in the background without putting an obstacle to the music playback feature in the front. If the library stored in a smartphone or computer gets changed, the simple refresh feature would sync the Music Paradise Pro library with the actual hard drive storage. One music will not get downloaded twice – that’s an efficient option for people who download a lot of music.

  • MP3 Search Engine:


A dedicated MP3 search engine allows the user to search for their favorite tracks only in music format. Searching over the traditional search engines doesn’t often offer accurate results but Music Paradise Pro doesn’t typically face issues.

  • Always Connected:

Both on Windows and Android, having a constant internet connection is required for Music Paradise Pro. The app stays connected to the internet always to offer latest updates to music, or enrich its music library even more.


If you had been looking for a great music software for your computer or app for Android smartphone, then Music Paradise Pro is the one you should pick.


For all movie lovers using Android devices, the latest version of Movie tube 4.4 has already been in the app market and is available for download, for free. There were a few buffering issues to play the 1080p movies with the previous versions that have successfully and completely been resolved in the latest version V4.4 of MovieTube App.  They have also fixed another bug that some videos cannot be played in full screen.


The Movie Tube is an app developed and launched to watch free movies, shows and music videos available on YouTube on the android devices seamlessly. All you require is to own an Android version of 3.0 and above and a thorough Internet connection or Wi-Fi to transfer the desired selection directly to your android device. Downloading Movie tube on your Android device will let you open up to a new sphere of entertainment. You can relish free full length HD movies along with other entertaining stuff to keep you hooked as long as you want to without any registration or login procedure required at all. As of now, MovieTube App has exceeded a total of 18 millions downloads from 200 plus countries and the popularity among the users is increasing day by day. The simple and easy user interface of Movie tube 4.4 allow its users to look for their desired stuff with just a fewest clicks. Famous featured Hollywood movies and latest television flicks are few steps away. You will get all the entertaining stuff concentrated in this simple app effortlessly.

Firstly one needs to download the latest version of the application for Android for free. Then go up to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources to allow the app get installed. Various smart phones have the Unknown Sources located at different places in the device and as an Android user, you must be well aware of this fact.


Now follow it up to the file directory where you have downloaded the latest Movie tube 4.4 apk file. Click on that apk file to install the application on your android. Then the application would ask for a few mandatory permissions to take control over some settings. Do not worry, just go on clicking Next. You might have to wait for a few minutes for the app to get installed on your phone completely.  To watch movies relentlessly click on  Open and give some time to the app to load some data from the servers. Update the app whenever prompted.