Planning To Travel To Madagascar – Car Rental Is Must

Madagascar has become one of the most loved tourist spots by the people around the world. It is best suitable for people who love adventures and has become a dream place for the people who love visiting adventurous places.

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Madagascar has lot of activities to do-trekking, diving and watching awesome sceneries of rain forests with their remarkable flora and fauna which has epic diversity. It is one of the world’s largest island and the condition of roads there is not too good. The off-roading in a 4WD can also be one of the most cherishing part of your trip. But be ensured regarding all your plan of the whole trip and try to arrange and confirm booking of hotels, vehicles and other travelling sources well in advance.

So I will tell you regarding car rental in Madagascar. Some people opt for car rental in Madagascar with driver and some opt for without driver. If you want to rent a car without driver so have to obtain an international license and as well your country’s driving license as this is the major requirement that every car renting company demands. But I personally suggest you to opt for car rental with a licensed driver as it will be far more convenient for you to travel in the Madagascar under the guidance of the driver who is already aware of all the circumstances you may have to face in Madagascar.

Moreover, the off-roading sometimes becomes very tough for a person who is not aware completely of the condition of roads and who just knows the tact to drive a 4WD, the bumpy ride which you may have to face, and thus if you choose to drive by yourself, you may end up putting yourself in a danger.


There are many companies who over car on rents in Madagascar in a very affordable price. One company is Madarental and is run by Daniel Crickx. You can also visit their site location They offer the vehicles at very reasonable price and in a very good condition. Another company is there Europcar, they also offer very good cars on rent and have a large fleet of vehicles to serve you. Moreover they are also arrange pickup for you, thus a lot convenient for the travellers. The above two companies have been rated so far very good by the people who have already travelled there and thus you can also trust on them. I hope you may have a very memorable experience in Madagascar.