Here’s How Avaya Can Help Your Business Grow

When you are looking to set up the telephone system of an office the first thing that comes to mind is the manpower needed to set up the phone lines and the expense of setting it up. With the avaya ip office system there is no such stress. With this office system all you need to do is plug and play and your entire telephone network will be up and running. You do not need any expert help or any expertise as well. All you need is a stable and fast internet connection. The avaya ip office system converts voice packets into internet packets and uses the internet lines to relay the voice across. There is no need of a dial tone or a separate phone line.


When you think of the ip phone system the first thing that comes to mind is the mobility and the convenience of the system. This avaya ip office system gives you the convenience of selecting your own private number for your avaya ip phone on your desk. Your clients can call you directly on this number rather than get diverted from the board line. With the avaya ip office system you can take your ip phone with you while traveling as well. If you need to attend an important conference call while in the train all you would need to do is connect the avaya ip phone to the internet and you can join the conference call.

There are a number of benefits to using the avaya ip office system. If you are wondering how it can help your business then you need to read on.


One of the best things about the avaya system is that it is very user friendly. Employees will have no trouble adjusting to this system and working on it. Apart from the fact that it is very easy to use, it is also a lot more convenient.  This enables users to make more calls in a day and it helps to increase the call flow. This in turn helps to increase business and generate more revenue.

Avaya is a VoIP system which means the calls are made using the internet. These calls are clear and the call drop ratio is lesser in comparison to a traditional telephone. Although the quality of calls is better, the cost for these calls is cheaper and it makes it more convenient for business owners to opt in for these systems.


The best part of the avaya ip office system is that it is one of the best ways to save money in an office without compromising on the work that you do or the staff that you have. If your office is majorly involved in making international calls then switching to the avaya ip office system will save you more than 70% of your phone bill from the first day itself. You can use your regular phone lines for local calls and the avaya ip office system for international calls.