E-cigarettes are the new generation’s best method of smoking. Vaping has become a new activity that is embraced by the young generation and also tobacco smokers. Scientists say that vaping can be used as a means of helping smokers quit tobacco but this has not entirely been proven. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have a variety of flavors for you to choose from. You are able to vape any type of eliquid you want and also explore other flavors. No side effects or health issues have been discovered from the use of e-cigarettes. So far, it has been rated as a safe type of smoking that can be used at recreational events. bottles2

There are different benefits of e-cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes;

  1. Ingredients; electronic cigarettes are known to have no tar, no tobacco, and no toxins that are associated with tobacco. E-cigarettes are known to have nicotine. You are able to vape in peace without having to ingest chemicals and be under the threat of having health issues. As an e-cigarette smoker you are able to vape anytime and any day and feel as if you are smoking. The only difference is that vaping has a better experience.
  2. No smoke; unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not have an irritating smoke. The smoke does not stick in your hair, clothes, and leave that stench smell in your mouth like tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes have e-liquids that have a sweet scent like that of fruits, flowers or foods. The sweet smell however does not stick in your whole body like that of tobacco. It quickly fades away but the smell is sweet and aromatic.
  3. Controllable nicotine; with e-liquids you are able to control the amount of nicotine strengths you want to inhale. Decreasing and increasing of nicotine levels is only an option that e-cigarettes have.eliquid-flavors


There are different types of e-liquids available for everyone to enjoy while vaping.