Cheap E Juice versus Expensive E Juice

Electronic cigarettes are fueled by e juice or e liquids. E juice contains the nicotine solution and flavoring for the electronic cigarettes. They are made up of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. Vegetable glycerin and Propylene glycol are used as the base for the e juice. The vapor created from this e juice is similar to the smoke produced by the regular cigarettes. However, even if all e juice have the same basic ingredients, there are still differences and these differences can be illustrated perfectly in the comparison of cheap e juice and expensive e juice aura-ejuice


The first thing that consumers look into when choosing an e juice, is the price. There are brands that sell 10 mL bottles for $3 while other brands offer their 10 mL bottles for only $30. Naturally, consumers will go for products that are more affordable since they can save a lot of money. However, they must also take into consideration the reason for the prices of e juice.premium-e-juice

The things that have main effects on the price of e juice are the quality of ingredients and facilities used in making these e juices. Most often than not, cheap e juice means that the raw materials and ingredients that were used are of low quality. A low-quality material can only mean one thing and that is more chemicals. These chemicals that can be found in cheap materials can cause extreme negative effects to the human body.

On the other hand, expensive brands use ingredients with higher quality compared to the cheaper brands. Higher quality also means that the ingredients used to make the product are a lot safer for human consumption.

Although, this is not always the case as there are some brands that defy this kind of stereotype. Even if their products are very cheap or very affordable, they are also of very high quality. So price does not necessarily equal quality.


Flavor is also very important since it is one of the main aspects that consumers take notice of. Flavor is affected by the quality of materials used in making the e juice. If the quality of materials used is high, it has the capacity to really bring out the flavor that was added in the e juice. So the e juices that have great flavor are those that use high-quality materials.