Meal Types From Sun Basket

SunBasket offers so many meal plans for vegans, vegetarians and those who need or like gluten-free dishes. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from, they are also perfect for those who are too tired to do any fancy cooking at dinner or just want something simple and healthy. You can be sure that SunBasket offers only the freshest produce and ingredients grown from local farms. Also, the meat, seafood and poultry are responsibly raised, sustainably-sourced and hormone-free.

General Choices for Your Healthy Sun Basket Meal


  • Chef’s Choice – every week, three if Chef Justine’s favourite recipes are included in the meal plan alongside various seasonal ingredients. You should be able to get a good taste of the best seasonal produce and a few sustainably sourced meat or seafood, depending on the recipe.
  • Rise & Shine – each and every week, the meal kit delivery contains about two of Chef Justine’s preferred dinner recipes and two more 5 minute breakfast recipes. This meal plan is highly recommended for those who prefer to cook about two dinners a week and two healthy breakfasts at the start of the day. In terms of price, they cost the same as any other meal plan.
  • Paleo – clients will receive meal plans containing fast, easy and low carb recipes alongside various seasonal produce, meats and poultry. You’ll never be bored of Paleo recipes all thanks to weekly additions of brand new recipes that you can choose from.


  • Gluten-Free – a meal plan containing mostly gluten-free dishes, fresh ingredients alongside seasonal produce or fruits, sustainably sourced seafood and various gluten-free grains.
  • Vegetarian – if you choose this meal plan, expect three delicious and meatless recipes as well as fresh ingredients. The vegetarian meat plan gives special emphasis on multiple seasonal produce and other nutritious plant-based proteins.


Your Complete Guide To Singapore Food

Often referred as The Lion City or The Garden City, Singapore is the world’s only island-city state. Since independence, Singapore has flourished into a global commerce, finance and transport hub. Consisting of 63 islands, this South Asian country has a tropical rain forest climate with moderate temperature and high rainfall making it a suitable tourist destination. The flora, fauna, man-made waterfalls and most importantly the Singaporean food attracted about 15,231,469 international tourists in 2015 which was almost thrice the population of Singapore. So, let’s have a look at the food of Singapore that makes it so unique in the whole world.

Singapore cuisine is a blend of different cultures and heritages combining a variety of cuisines thus, serving the people with unique flavor and aroma. Singapore has a large immigrant population, which has an influence on its food which includes cuisines of Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Portuguese, Sri Lanka, Thailand and also the Middle-East.


But, with so much variety to taste and eat, won’t you be confused about what to try and what not to? You don’t need to worry about it anymore. There are a lot of blogs that are a guide for cheap and tasty food around the world. is one of the best and trustworthy blog which is ranked at No.9 on the Top 20 Singapore food blog.

With over 40K estimated visitors every month, The Ranting Panda rants about food, travel and lifestyle. They are helping know about places worth visiting and food that’s a must-eat in Singapore. From which restaurant and café you should visit to what you should definitely eat in Singapore, this food blog provides the list of everything related to Singaporean food. This blog has the review and rating of almost every restaurant, street food joint and café present in Singapore. So, whenever you plan to visit the country, you must browse this blog and have a look to the different food joints to visit.

Another blog is the which has made a list of Top 10 food, which every food lover must try in Singapore. After trying every street hawker and shopping mall food court, this list is produced. First on the list isthe Hainanese Chicken Rice which is steamed chicken and rice cooked in chicken stock. On no.2 is Crab cooked in a gravy of chili tomato sauce and then, lightly stir-fried in a paste of chili sauce, ketchup and eggs. Laksa, a combination of Chinese and Malay cuisine stands on no.3. It is a rice noodle dish cooked in spicy coconut curry soup with shrimps, eggs and chicken meat. Char Kuay Teow on no.4 is a popular dish in Singapore in which broad rice noodles are fried with black Soya sauce, clams and Chinese sausages.


Another one on the list is Hokkien Prawn Mee, stir-fried Hokkien noodles with prawns, chicken or pork, squid and fish cake topped with, soya sauce, vinegar and chili. To enjoy the street food flavors, try Barbecued Stingray which is a street seafood dish cooked on grill. Another seafood dish is Fish Head Curry, fish head and veggies cooked in gravy and served with bread/rice. Satay is on no.8 in the list. It’s skewered grilled meat with rice cake and peanut sauce. Oyster Omlette is a new version of Omlette served with oysters. For a sweet tooth, you can try Chendol, coconut milk drink with brown sugar, green starch strips and red beans.

So, have a look at these Singapore food blogs and make your visit a memorable one.


Hungry for a good meal but afraid it’s going to dig into your wallet too deep? HomeTown Buffet is a chain of buffet themed restaurants that is run by its parent company, Ovation Brand. With a total of 300 locations all over USA, these dining sites also go by the names “Country Buffet”, or “Old Country Buffet. As the name suggests, these restaurants are exclusively buffet oriented, and are open seven days a week, with breakfast available as well on the weekends. (It varies according to location though).

So what’s on the menu? Well, you’ll be sure to find some regular American favorites such as fried chicken, steak or mac and cheese. Along with this, there are several side dishes to accompany your meal like mashed potatoes, rice and gravy or even French fries. If you were looking for something a little greener, worry not because they also have an array of salads and vegetables Desserts are also included in the prices, though they aren’t available during breakfast hours. And don’t forget, it’s a buffet so feel free to go for that fifth helping, just remember not to stuff yourself to death.

he prices are highly affordable too! With breakfast and lunch never exceeding $10 per person and dinner staying well within $13, it’s difficult to argue with why someone would wish to go here. While some would inadvertently become apprehensive of its cheaper prices, Hometown Buffet Prices is well known for its high quality of the food offered as well as the comfortable ambience available at its outlets. There are special offers for children and senior citizens, with a free entry for kids within the age of two accompanied by an adult. It should be important to note though that drinks are not included in the overall price of the buffet, costing a standard $2.49 throughout the day.

If what you’ve read has sufficiently convinced you to visit a HomeTown Buffet location, be sure to go within the operating hours. On the weekdays, lunch hours run from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm with the dinner menu starting immediately afterwards till 8:30 pm in the evening, with the exception of Fridays where the dinner menu lasts till 9:30 pm in the evening. Weekends host a breakfast special which starts off early at 8:00 am in the morning while lunch and dinner menus run as usual just like on the weekdays.


HomeTown Buffet remains one of USA’s go to places for good food at affordable rates. It comes as no surprise that it happens to be a favorite joint among college kids. Be it families who gather around for a good time, or friends looking to enjoy a good steak as well as each other’s company, you will always find these locations bustling with a delicious food and a cheerful vibe. If you do wish to go to HomeTown Buffet, visit their website to find the nearest location to you. So bring along your pocket spoon if you happen to have one and happy eating!