Stepping Stones To Pick The Best Turntables

The turntable is a simple musical device with which DJ’s used to play records, aka vinyl. Turntable includes some of the rotating or moving parts such as tone arm, the motor, and platter. Turntable is the component used to rotate the record and produce the sound. There are some basic steps to choose the best turntable they are


The first step involve in this the determination the cost or budget.  Different types of turn tables are available in the markets with different costs. If you want to spend a low budget on turntable the best suited under your low budget is the vintage turntables which are often found in online or the special stores. They are one of the best options for the vinyl fans.  Latest turn tables are highly expensive because they designed to serve to high end audiophile niche market. But for the best turn table you have to pay big.


The step two involves in choosing the type of the turn table i.e., direct drive turntable or belt drive turntable. The motor is used to rotate the platter of the turn table. The motor can be placed at the platter in two types. If the motor is placed directly under the platter then it is called the direct drive turntable and if the motor is placed of to the side then it is called the belt drive turn table. Audiophile community normally preferred the belt drive turn tables while the DJ’s (disc jockeys) prefers the direct drive turn tables. The platter can be rotated directly without causing any damage to the turntable. Regular rotational speed is also offer by the direct turntables.


The next step to choose between the automatic turntable and manual turntable. Based on the procedure used to set the tonearm on to the record, turntables are classified as the automatic and manual turntable. The automatic turntable are best suited for the novice users. As it is fully automated just at a push of the button, automatic tonearms can play record very easily. Manual turn tables are used by the audio enthusiasts because they have lesser arm which can result vibration in the tone arm. The user has to place the turn arm on the rotating record by hand and sometimes it can be done by process of queuing that lift and lowers the turn arm slowly.


The next step is to decide whether you want built-in phono preamp. Phono preamp is used to bring the sound to a desired level. The signal resulted by the stylus is very low so the turn table uses the phono preamp to adjust the sound level. Many of the recent turntables don’t have special Phonon input jack so you have to buy the external phono preamp.



The fifth step is to judge the cartridge encompassed with the turn table or not. The small component that attaches to the tonearm and stylus is called the cartridge. If you choose the vintage or used turn table it is better to install the new cartridge because worn cartridge can reduce the sound quality.

So be smart to pick up the best turn table by following these 5 basic important steps.