The Final Ceremony Of Human’s Life – Funeral Ceremony

Funeral is a ceremony where we respect the person body who does not exist in this earth. We bury or do the cremation of the person in a particular place. In other words, funeral is a ceremony for memorializing person who does not exist. This is often done in religious places, funeral homes, and chapels at a grave site. In our Hindu religion, we strongly believe that doing the cremation or the burial part in holy places is very good just because it is believed that the soul of a person will directly reach to the god. In other words, the person will attain moksha. And when you do the cremation part, in most of the communities, ladies are not allowed to see the ritual of the cremation ceremony. Before doing the cremation, we light the lamp in the house where the body is placed.


Generally it is believed in Hindu religion, that the life and death is a part of samsara. The final goal of a person is to become free from desires and then escaping from samsara, in order to attain moksha, the transcendent state of salvation. Once the soul is attained moksha, the soul will be immersed into a Brahman which is a divine force and ultimate reality. After the death of a person, the funeral is done by the priest with the prayers. In Hindu religion, a priest should be contacted and informed about the death of a person. The family members should recite the mantras and should put some recording of the god. Once after the death of the person, the family members should put a small amount of Ganga water into the dying person mouth.

In case it is not possible, the actions of the samsara should take place following the death. It is also believed that after death, touching the body unnecessary is said to be impure. Once the person is dead, the funeral preparation begins without any delay. We inform to the relatives, friends, near and dear ones about the death of a person in the family. Once the relatives, friends, near and dear ones are present, the funeral ceremony begins. It is said that the funeral ceremony should finish before the sunset. The funeral ceremony is guided by the priests along with the prayers, the ceremony is done. But after the funeral ceremony the ritual will take place in a family for almost 13 days. The final ceremony will be finished on the 13th day. Each community has a slight different ritual but it has to be conducted in the family who is passed away.


Funeral services mean who works for someone as an occupation. Such is called the funeral services. In olden days, they used to bury the dead body. Even now they follow the burial system in our Hindu religion but there is a slight different in the funeral ceremony. Now in recent years, electric crematorium is available, where they place the dead body of a person in the movable trolley. Later the cremation gets completed within 60 to 90 mins maximum depending upon the size of the body and other biological reasons. Finally to end with, funeral is something which has to be done with prayers along with the priests.It could be any religion. Performing the funeral ceremony is done though priests according to their religion with their religious prayers in order to attain moksha.