Getting To Know Different Business Telephone Systems

Business telephone systems are not only applicable for call center companies and IT firms because large enterprises and other major companies in other industries can also take advantage of their services. Here is a simple overview on some of the business telephone systems available out there.

  • Traditional telephone systems

This is the basic telephone system that we regularly use in our residential homes and offices. There is not much that this telephone system can offer except for basic phone call services. You can also dial long distance phone calls with this system but the telecommunication service provider would surely charge you a lot on a per-minute basis depending on the package that you have subscribed for.


  • Business mobile systems

This is an upgraded version of the generic telephone system because it is equipped with business features that you can use for your company’s operations. It is a little bit more expensive than regular mobile plans but can already serve you well if your company only has a small number of employees. This type of business telephone system gets you in the middle between traditional phone lines and VoIP but you definitely have to pick up the latter if you are looking forward to grow and expand as a company.

  • Cloud-based systems


This VoIP powered-system is ideal for small up to mid-sized businesses as long as they have a fast and reliable internet connection. Business owners are able to enjoy more business features at the expense of less cost. Since calls are being run through the internet broadband then the company can also take advantage of cheaper long distance calls unlike with traditional phone lines wherein long distance calls can get too pricey. This system is also perfect if you have multiple calls going at the same time since busy lines can easily be avoided with this system.


How To Set Up Your Electronic Picture Frame

If you want a simple and easy way to display your photos in one frame, then purchasing an electric photo frame is the choice to make. You’ll be able to reap a lot of benefits from it, and not just because it’s a nice piece to add for that modern touch! With an electric photo frame, you’ll save a lot of money, time, and effort trying to print and organize your photos into multiple frames. Plus, with having one frame to put in your home, you save space so you’ll be able to display other types of furniture as well!

Technology has indeed made everything much easier with these types of frames in different designs and features. But the problem is, many people aren’t that tech savvy at all. It makes it difficult for them to use gadgets, and working with electric photo frames can get complicated.


But this isn’t a problem, as there are instruction manuals that come with the package, you’ll be able to get advice from other people or on the internet. Here is a simplified way on how to use your electric photo frame for your home or office:

  1. Choose the media you would like to save into your electronic photo frame. What’s great about this is that you’re able to choose from photos, videos, and even music and sound effects! Choose all you want, so long as it fits in your memory card. Make sure that the media is in proper format, which is usually JPG for photos, MP4 for videos, and MP3 for sounds.
  2. Save all these chosen media into your memory card or USB.
  3. Plug your memory card or USB into your electronic photo frame. Depending on the frame you purchase, you may even be able to get one that can connect to your wifi network and have you adding photos via wireless connectivity! You’ll be able to save and delete media from your frame, so no worries.
  4. Now that all your chosen media is saved into your frame, you are able to customize it! Choose the order of how the media will be played, along with how long it will be playing, when the transition will be, and set up your music to play along with it. If an instruction manual is included, you can base the options from there. It’s easy to pick up!


This is the universal and simple way as to how you can start using your electronic picture frame. Very simple and easy to do, you will now be able to start using your frame and display it for everyone to be impressed with! If you are still having problems with setting it up, then you will be able to base it off the instruction manual given. If not, then there are many articles online that can help you with your problems.


Solution For Dns Server Not Responding

Are you among the one facing the common issue of “dns server not responding” error while you are trying to connect to the network? Before going to the solution part, it is important to know the basics of DNS. Domain Name System is a service that is used to translate domain names into their corresponding IP addresses. The reasons behind this error are as follows.

  • Corrupted DNS service.
  • Problem with router or modem.

If you are so sure that your computer works fine, then the problem must lie in any of the above mentioned factors.

Solution 1

  • In Network and sharing Center, go to change adapter settings and click on Properties.
  • Double click IPv4.
  • Check “use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the address of any open DNS that can be found.
  • Check on Validate Settings upon exit and click OK.
  • Open cmd and type IPCONFIG/ALL.
  • Open run and type NCPA.CPL.
  • Go back to network adapter properties and find for Network Address.
  • Click on value and type the physical address that is seen in the cmd window.
  • Click OK and then restart the computer.


Solution 2

Try disabling Netbios as it also helps in solving the dns server not responding issue.

  • Go to Network and sharing center-> Change Adapter settings.
  • Double click IPv4.
  • Click on Advanced Tab.
  • Check disable NetBios over TCP/IP.
  • Click OK.

Solution 3

Try flushing and resetting the DNS settings.

  • Open cmd and type ipconfig/flushdns.
  • Type ipconfig/registerdns.
  • Type ipconfig/release.
  • Type ipconfig/renew.
  • Type netsh winsock reset.

Restart the computer and check whether the issue is solved.

Solution 4

Reinstall the entire operating system. By doing so it may erase all the corrupted files and new files are installed.


Solution 5

If no solution gets you past the dns server not responding error, it is time to call your ISP provider and resolve the issue.


Watch Movies On Your Android With Moviebox

Online streaming is much popular than any other forms of entertainment right now. With all the busy schedules today’s citizens have, who has the time to get tied to a television and watch their favorite shows on a predefined time? Instead, people go for streaming services online and just download their favorite TV shows and movies right when they feel like it. However, there’s a drawback though – most online streaming services aren’t free for mass people. Netflix and Hulu are very popular across the world, but they incur monthly subscription cost. For a moderate plan, $30/month would be charged and this goes up with the additional features in the subscription.

Moviebox for Android can quench the thirst for movie-worms in a much handier way. It’s a streaming service mostly based for the smartphones and tablets, it’s available on Android and iOS on their respective app stores. The app might still incur some charge but for the most part, it’s free.


Moviebox as an Alternate to Regular Streaming Services

Android is an open source platform and most of the advantages offered on Android are mostly free. Moviebox being a free streaming service, there are few disadvantages a hardcore TV show and movie fan would have. The first one being the inability to directly stream the media contents on a larger screen like LED TV or computer screen is probably the most significant. Netflix, Hulu etc. are available on smart televisions these days as a standard feature, and boxes like Apple TV offer a more premium range of features.

However, they do cost more. For instance, an Apple TV alone costs more than $300 as an initial setup cost, and the subscription plans would incur a fixed amount every month. Unless a subscriber is based on the supported regions for Apple TV, the benefits might not appear as useful as it sounds to be. Also, not every local content might be available on these servers as well. After spending a good amount setting up a streaming service, who would like to face all these disappointments?

Moviebox on the other side, suppresses all the sighs some audience of TV shows and movies might have. Being a free app, even the lack of cross-platform support won’t seem much like an issue. The collection offers a good range of TV shows, documentaries, movies and other media contents. Different formats like mp4, mp4, flv, mkv etc. are supported on most Android devices through the standard codecs included in Android, and there are plenty more apps in the Google Play Store for the codec support.


How to Install Moviebox for Android

Moviebox is available for iOS and Android, however Android users get the advantage of direct installation from the Google Play Store. iOS users would need a jailbroken device to enjoy this streaming service.

  • On your Android device, open Google Play Store and search for Moviebox. The first result should bring the appropriate app. Otherwise, you could also get there by clicking this link.
  • Download and installation should take some moments. After it is done, complete initial formalities like signing up for the service, and you should be done.
  • Enjoy free media content download and streaming!


Moviebox for Android provides a great way to stream media contents directly to a smartphone. People who travel a lot would find this app useful, also the ones who prefer their smartphone for media consumption are at benefit here.


FaceTime, the great video calling application provided by Apple Inc. to the IOS users, is something each apple user is very proud of. Not only because it is free and user friendly, but also because its interface is simple, minimal and very well understandable.

Apple users consider themselves very lucky, as this application, i.e, the FaceTime, not only comes pre-installed and loaded in the apple products, whether it is a iPhone, macbook, iPad or any apple device, but is very simple and easy to use.

It indeed is true that it is an excellent video and even audio calling application.

Apple products provide this ease of calling your near and dear ones with an IOS device, with just a few clicks and an apple ID, through this application or software.

Data used in a FaceTime call

Nothing is completely free in this world, and so is a video call.

Well, this applies for FaceTime only when it comes to using cellular internet pack for calling.

It is true that video calling in apple products using facetime for android is absolutely free.

The catch is that it is free from data usage over WiFi, but, will definitely cost you some data when used over cellular internet data plan.

It is said that about 5 minutes of video call through FaceTime can cost you about 15MB of data.

How to check and know data usage of 1 FaceTime call

To check data usage of 1 FaceTime call, one needs to apply the following process-

  1. Firstly, the user has to open the Facetime application on their apple device
  2. Then, the user has to tap finger either on video or audio button which is given at the top, to see the calls done
  3. Then to know the data usage of an individual call, the user has to tap on the ‘info’ symbol, right next to the name of that caller


This in turn will show the user the data usage of every FaceTime call made.

Can this be true-FaceTime for android?

If given a great thought, can the well suited piece for video-calling provided by Apple Inc. in only Apple devices, The FaceTime, be used by other OS users as well, so that they get the extreme pleasure of having to see their near and dear ones not living in the close physical proximity through this great application?

“Why not?”

After all, technology can take you to the moon and back, then why not this little wish of non-Apple users!

FaceTime is FaceTime, lets face it! If Apple open doors to all third party developers, providing creation of FaceTime compatible programs, then ‘Android’ might just get lucky!

This easy, stable and efficient video-calling application is a boon for the Apple users who are unaware of Skype only because they have a very good reason to be okay about being unaware of it, The FaceTime.

With the help of additional software, OS and processor requirements, Android users can now come in league with Apple users.