How To Fix Errors Of Show Box App

Every one like watching movies online but the real happiness lies in selecting the best app out of the many apps found in the web for online streaming of movies. If you are looking for such app then showbox app is the best online streaming app with a collection of enormous number of movies and TV shows with best HD quality and many more. It has one of the best feature is that you can watch online and also download it for absolutely for of cost.

Frankly speaking every app present in universe is not perfect. There are some glitches, errors, bugs which kill our fun and need to be fixed. Show box app has also some bugs but makers always fought hard to fix the problems and update with fixed bugs in the next edition. Show box app has so many bugs and errors which put challenges to the developers and they are fixed a short ago such as server not responding, video not found, server not available today, update not working etc. but once again it  give error which states that show box app not responding and app crashes in the meantime. This will murder our fun really when your online video streaming has been encountered such problems. You need to fix that problems and here the best solution for that.


1st step:

First thing you need to do is uninstall the older version of the show box app and download the latest version because the bugs in the older versions are solved and released in the later version.

  • Uninstall the previous version on your device
  • Download the latest version of the show box app APK in your computer and transfer APK file your mobile device through connecter.
  • Now it is stored in SD card and open and click on install and app is installed on your phone after installation the app icon is visible on the menu screen.

2nd step:

Clear the cache files regularly. When you watch the online streaming movies in the long time the cache cause errors which may results in the crashing of the app, server not found and show box app not working problems.


To fix these follow the following steps:

  • Go to settings on your device and click on general settings
  • Then click on the button application manager. Now just scroll and find all applications or all and then check for the show box app.
  • Then click on the clear data option and clear cache option.

Thus your bugs are fixed and enjoy unlimited online streaming.